As many states transition into phases of reopening, hotels are beginning to see more guests reserve their rooms. Having the proper guidelines in place to ensure a safe environment in your hotel is extremely important for the safety of both your guests and your employees. Face masks have become common in everyday life, and they should be significantly more prominent in your hotel as you reopen. Here are a few reasons why face masks are the new must-have hotel accessory and why it’s important to keep them in stock.




Ensure Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Many people may feel wary or uncomfortable moving into public spaces as stay-at-home orders are lifted and businesses begin to open up. As a hotel owner, you have a responsibility to create an environment where guests from all walks of life feel comfortable and safe. Making your establishment a mask-required space can help ease any worries and confirm to your guests that their safety is your top priority.

Keep Everyone Safe

While we approach the downturn of COVID-19 in the United States, we still need to maintain standard protocols like social distancing, hand washing, and face masks to ensure safe environments as we reopen. Requiring your employees to wear masks at all times and guests to wear masks in public spaces can help prevent an increased spread of disease as interactions begin to return to normal. Reusable masks are a good option for employees, and setting out disposable medical masks for guests who don’t have one is a smart choice. Keep enough in stock to give a few to each person who walks in the door – running out of masks is likely to have negative effects on the success of your reopening. 

Support Industry Guidelines

A successful reopening of the entire hotel industry requires each and every hotel to adhere to guidelines set in place. Holding high standards of cleanliness and safety across the industry will be a solid indicator of just how seriously hotels are handling these transitions, and face masks play a major part in that. Consistently wearing masks, along with implementing other safety measures, will set an example to other industries on how to properly return to normal life. 

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