While COVID-19 may not be the cause of the issues in the hospitality industry, it has made the landscape difficult for hotel managers to get what they need. Front Desk Managers around the world are still feeling the grip of the pandemic, and there are a few reasons why. Discover the reason why hotels are struggling with hotel supplies.

Global Supply Chain Issues

When you hear the phrase global supply chain issues, you may not consider the impact it has on the hospitality industry. Hotel departments such as housekeeping and front desks are finding it hard to come by staple items due to the supply chain. Hotels are feeling the effects, and it is putting them in a tight spot with guests. Experienced travelers may be more forgiving, but not all guests will understand that hotels cannot supply the essentials. Front Desk Managers are forced to order substandard hotel supplies – paper and plastic products included. 

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Paper Supply Shortage

As the pandemic spread, global supply chain problems worsened and created a heightened demand for paper. The need grew quickly and domestic paper mills couldn’t keep up. Mills oversold their capabilities, and eventually fell to meet the demand which created the paper supply shortage we are seeing today. Unfortunately, some mills didn’t recover from the impact of COVID-19 and went out of business, making the situation more difficult. Some elements of this issue have also crept over to the plastic industry as well.

You can learn more about the paper supply shortage in the article below.

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What Does That Mean for Hotels?

Hotels are struggling to meet the demand for staple products. For that reason, Front Desk Supply recommends stocking up on supplies that are easily accessible. Getting ahead now can put Front Desk Managers in a better position to offer hotel supplies that may not be hot now, but will become needed in the coming months.

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