After many months of planning, designing, and executing, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! As the hospitality industry -along with many other industries in the world- has undergone a very difficult past few months, we have taken this time to devise a plan in which we can help. Our approach on these products mirrors how we approach our core business – focus on quality, customer service and a product suite covering several important products.

It has always been important for us to make information, services, and products easily accessible to hotels around the world. We created this site because our team has personally experienced the difficult changes COVID-19 has caused. Because of this, we transformed our concerns into tangible solutions for hotels. Our new website provides both hotels and guests with the necessary supplies to navigate through this transformative time


Here are a few of the featured items available for purchase:

COVID-19 Related Products 

In order for guests to feel comfortable staying at your hotel again, new products are essential. We have cultivated the most necessary items your staff will need to have available upon check-in. 

Social Distancing Signs 

As guests come and go from your hotel, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is keeping a safe distance from one another. Our social distancing signs help enforce a 6ft separation from each party. These signs can be placed on the floor to form safe lines throughout your property. Our site offers two designs: footprint signs and bright yellow signs

Sanitary Goods 

There are many items hotel guests and staff touch multiple times a day. To help stop the spread of germs, your hotel should have various options to sanitize. With hand sanitizing stations, personal sanitizers, and single-use wipes available to place in each room, these products are, without a doubt, crucial to offer moving forward.  

Face Masks 

Coronavirus has made wearing face masks the new normal. As a front desk manager, it’s vital to provide guests with everything they need to have an enjoyable stay. Purchase face masks in bulk to hand out to guests as they arrive. Choose from our various options: Hanes reusable masks, extra protection BioSmart masks, customizing and cooling gaiter masks, or generic reusable fabric masks. Take advantage of our current June special! Receive $25 off our most popular face mask options. Get the code here. 

Protective Barriers 

With so many people entering and leaving your hotel, keeping a safe distance can be a struggle. Allow your staff to go about their regular tasks with confidence by using protective barriers. Our sneeze guards and face shields make it easy to provide guests with the same exceptional customer service. 

Safety Guidelines  

As your hotel formulates new guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy, it is helpful to have signs displayed that provide extra information. With these signs, guests will have a clear understanding of how they can enjoy their stay safely and know that all health protocols are being followed. Hang safety posters, place countertop displays, or customize signs unique to your hotel’s standards for extra assurance. 

General Hotel Supplies 

Along with essential PPE supplies, our site also offers an easy way to receive general front desk products. If your hotel is in a time crunch, we can get you these supplies quickly. 

Key Cards

Our site now provides options to order generic key cards on the fly. Choose from a variety of designs for both RFID Key Cards and Magnetic Stripe Key Cards. Save time on the phone by ordering these online! 

Key Card Sleeves

Room keys cannot be complete without key sleeves. Just like key cards, our sleeves are available to quickly purchase. Choose from various designs to match your key cards. 

Do Not Disturb Signs 

Another essential item that all hotels need is Do Not Disturb signs. With the option to purchase a generic design, your team can save money while also feeling comfortable in replacing these easily for guaranteed cleanliness. 

In addition to the various supplies described above, our site has many more products available to help your hotel welcome guests back safely and successfully. 

Browse Our New Site Here

Unsure about what items your hotel will need to thrive during this changing time? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to open up your doors successfully. 

In order to keep our team healthy and safe, we have taken precautions, and all team members that are not needed in producing or warehousing activities are working from home. Further, we have built additional redundancy in our supply network. Although we have not experienced any significant delays in our supply chain, we will continue to monitor changes and will utilize alternate vendors if needed to ensure we can hold to our normal lead times. We are in close contact with our shipping partners and will advise our customers of any widespread issues affecting delivery.

Front Desk Supply is here to support your hotel. We encourage you to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns about us, our team, or our products.