Is your boutique hotel ready for the holiday rush? Countless travelers will be opting in for a hotel stay this year, which means your team will need to be prepared. This huge wave of guests will be a major source of revenue for hotels this winter. However, if your team is not ready, this rush can lead to overwhelmed staff members and dissatisfied guests. 

With help from our team at Front Desk Supply, your independent or boutique hotel should never have to worry about running out of important goods that keep your business functioning smoothly. We have a variety of branding supplies that can be personalized to your unique hotel. 

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As your guests enter the new year, establish a memorable presence for your hotel through your organized and friendly hotel team. 

Ensure your hotel thrives this holiday season with these essential materials: 

Valet Tags 

As guests quickly arrive for their long-awaited stay at your boutique hotel, they are first greeted by your valet team. The best way to kick off a meaningful experience is through your valet’s service. The holiday season will bring in constant traffic every day, therefore your team needs to be on top of the mayhem. Valet tags are essential to your service, as they help keep an inventory of each car and its owners. 

Concierge Tags 

Once guests get through valet, the concierge team takes over. The holiday season is a common time for guests to leave their luggage with the concierge if they don’t have a room available yet. It is crucial to stay organized and keep their valuables safe with labeled concierge tags. Guests trust your team with their personal belongings and rely on the concierge to enhance their experience. These tags make it easy to identify which bags go in which rooms, or which bags should be kept at the front for pick up. 

Key Cards and Holders 

The car is parked, the luggage is taken care of, and now the room is ready. The last thing guests must do before they begin their holiday vacation is pick up their room keys at check-in. Key cards are a staple memento for many guests. This collective item can be personalized to your hotel, allowing you to show off your brand’s personality. Along with the card, key holders are the finishing touch to a guest’s first impression. Bring holiday cheer to your key cards and holders by customizing your own festive design. Many front desk managers love to get creative by providing guests with cards and holders of your gorgeous boutique hotel covered in snow. 

Capturing the spirit of the season begins with your team’s customer service. With enough planning, organization, and customizable items available, our team can work with you to ensure your boutique hotel’s materials are exactly how you want them. 

Don’t wait for a holiday miracle to provide a memorable stay for your guests. Prep for the holiday rush with us! 

For the month of November, we are offering $45 off any valet and concierge tag order! 

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