When it comes to your hotel supplies, generic is often the most cost-effective and easiest way to go. For a busy hotelier, ordering genetic supplies saves time; reorders don’t require taking extra steps that are often needed with customized items. But by doing so, you miss out on branding your items and providing important information for guests. The truth is that guests look to items like notepads, pens, and key cards to recall information.

Simple yet overlooked, your custom hotel supplies do more than they get credit for. How do we know? Front Desk Supply has received calls from guests themselves regarding inquiries about their hotel or room that stem from hotel supplies.

Discover the practical and long-term advantages of custom supplies for hospitality businesses through our customer stories. 

Expand Customer Service with Contact Information

Front Desk Supply receives inquiries from hotel guests because several of our generic products display our company web site (so that other hoteliers find out about us). In their time of need, a hotel guest expects great customer service…but reaches the hotel supplier instead. This alone is a great reason to go the custom hotel supplies route. Your hotel can prominently display a phone number or contact information. Expand your service quality and ensure situations, such as the examples below, never happen.

  • One guest called Front Desk Supply trying to reach the front desk of his hotel. He was calling to ask how to turn the heat on in his room.
  • Another guest contacted Front Desk Supply and said her key card for the back entrance was not working properly. She noted her room number and that she was disabled and couldn’t use the front door area.

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Remind Guests Where They’re Staying

Another advantage of using custom hotel supplies is that you remind guests where they are staying. Although it seems unlikely, sometimes guests might not remember the name of their hotel – they may have had a long travel day, or may have had a last-minute change made to their itinerary by their travel operator or employer. In that case, they may take a look at their hotel key card and call or contact the first piece of information they see. A custom hotel supply product eliminates doubt and points them in the right direction. Generic products have yielded these customer stories:

  • We spoke to a guest who had reached out to Front Desk Supply because she was trying to figure out which hotel she was in last.
  • Another guest with a generic key from Front Desk Supply asked which hotel in San Diego her boyfriend stayed at after she found the key in his pocket.

Need inspiration? See examples of how hotels brand their products.

List Access and Amenities 

Last, but not least, custom hotel supplies offer you the opportunity to list amenities or access to areas of your hotel. Despite the signage, hotel guests may wonder what offerings they can take advantage of during their stay. Whether it’s access to the pool, exclusive guest lounges, or front desk hours, you can ensure that you’ve provided the correct information for them. Otherwise, you may run into a customer experiencing access issues. For example, one hotel guest called Front Desk Supply about issues with a key card that was not allowing her into the back area of the hotel. She was advised to call the hotel instead.

Generic hotel supplies are a great option because they’re cost-effective and easy to order. However, customization can produce long-term advantages that provide benefits beyond branding. Next time you make an order for hotel supplies, consider custom hotel supplies instead. Based on the above customer stories, it can make a difference!

Our goal is to make your hotel more profitable and your guests’ stay more memorable. Customizing the key goes a long way to making it more memorable both during their stay and once they leave and want to recommend it to friends and family!

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