Going green in 2024? Your hotel might benefit from a green certification. This badge of honor proves your hotel’s commitment to sustainability and can give your hotel a significant marketing advantage over competitors.

How can your hotel earn a green hotel certification, and why should it?

What is a Green-Certified Hotel?

Green-certified hotels demonstrate high standards of eco-friendliness. They incorporate programs and policies that focus on:

  • Eco-friendly purchasing
  • Pollution minimization
  • Waste reduction
  • Water conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Recycling
  • Sustainability measures

There’s no single type of green certification. In the United States and abroad, there are hundreds of organizations that offer eco-friendly certifications for hotels, and the organizations all have different standards.

What Supplies Do Green-Certified Hotels Need?

Purchasing eco-friendly supplies is one of the most important tasks that green-certified hotels need to do on a monthly basis. Eco-friendly supplies are made from either recycled materials or materials that cause little environmental harm (i.e., pollution, carbon emissions).

Here are a few of the best eco-friendly hotel supplies you can order from Front Desk Supply:

  • Key Cards: You can have eco-friendly key cards made from recycled PVC or recycled wood. They’re durable, customizable, and elegant.
  • Signage: We can make Do-Not-Disturb signs from recycled and sustainable materials such as Teslin and sustainably-sourced wood.
  • Pens: Custom pens are a must for your boutique hotel, and they can make great promotional items. Our pens are made from recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials.
  • Paper Products: We can supply customizable notepads, key card holders, and stationery that’s made from recycled paper.

What Else is Required to Become a Green-Certified Hotel?

Once you’ve ordered eco-friendly hotel supplies, what else do you need to do to become a green-certified hotel?

The standards may vary from one certificate to another, but they generally require hotels to:

  • Use appliances that limit energy/water consumption
  • Recycle bottles, cans, and plastics
  • Participate in organic recycling for food waste
  • Use solar-powered technology for certain systems

The organizations provide guidance on how to implement these initiatives at your hotel, and then they’ll do an inspection of your hotel to verify that you’ve met their certification standards. Once your sustainability measures have been verified, the organization will bestow upon you a green certification.

Our Eco-Friendly Supplies Will Get You Started

Although green certifications can help your hotel make money and save money, they can be quite expensive.

You may have to pay some hefty up-front costs to implement sustainability measures, like starting recycling programs or having energy-friendly appliances installed on your property. These can give you a financial boost in the long term but you have to be able to absorb the short-term costs.

If you manage an independent or boutique hotel, the best way to get started is to buy hotel supplies that are made from recycled products. Many green certification programs require you to purchase eco-friendly products, anyway, so it is better to get started now than later.

Front Desk Supply creates eco-friendly hotel products that are high-quality, budget-friendly, and marketable to your guests. Plus, we’ll offset $75 from your order to help you offset your carbon footprint.