The holidays are not far off, and this season could be especially busy due to the pandemic and loosened travel restrictions. The rush of the first “open” holidays in a year, should keep front desk managers on their toes, but in the chaos it can be easy for things to slip by. Ensure that your hotel is ready to greet guests all season long with help from Front Desk Supply.

Our team has put together a handy checklist to help you stay organized and keep you from getting on the naughty list this year with guests. Download our Custom Item Inventory Checklist for a bulleted list of products and turnaround times. Don’t rely on the elves for your order–count on Front Desk Supply to get the custom hotel supplies you need for your hospitality business.

We also stock generic versions of many of our products so that we have a solution for any lag in production.  We are always at the ready!

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