Trade shows are a great way for businesses to network under one roof. However, not all trade shows are held in convention centers. Many conference associations choose to host their live event at hotels. As a hotelier, you want to ensure your client’s hotel conference is successful while accommodating attendees who are staying at your hotel. 

Front Desk Supply is committed to assisting hotels with hospitality industry knowledge and providing custom hotel supplies that make an impact. Here are our best tips for conferences held at hotels.

Ensure There are Private Work Areas

Hotels often have private areas or lounges where normal guests can sit down and rest. Keep in mind that hotel conference attendees are there for their business and may need to work during the event. They must have designated spaces to focus. As the venue, you can create exclusive areas for conference attendees to work in and decompress. Creating a safe space for private work areas demonstrates an attention to detail for the conference association as well as your hotel. 

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Provide Perks for Hotel Conference Attendees

Likely, hotel conference attendees may also be your guests! The conference organizers chose your hotel because your business is a conference hall and lodging rolled into one. It is a good opportunity to extend services or promotions to attendees who are hotel guests. Consider marketing your business and service with specials at your hotel’s restaurant or creating an experience for guests. An after-conference mixer by the pool for attendees could be just the thing to boost confidence with your client and increase your hotel guests’ satisfaction.

Offer Custom Conference Supplies for Marketing

Clients may handle their marketing for a conference – but remind them that you can help too. Make your hotel more than just a venue and lodging accommodation. Become a part of the client’s team by extending the option of custom conference supplies. Front Desk Supply can work with you to design custom key cards, pens, notepads, and signage for your clients’ hotel conference. Our design services are free for custom orders, making conference supplies a cost-effective option for your business. Speak to our team if you have a question.

Note: frequent changes to designs may result in longer lead times. 

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Encourage Custom Hotel Supplies

Not only are conference supplies a good opportunity for your hotel, but so are custom hotel supplies! Encourage your client to use custom hotel supply items like signs, key sleeves, and hotel key cards. Market the show and excite guests. A simple change can make hotel conference guests feel important and is great advertising for your client. Best of all, you can boost brand recall for you and your client. Since items like hotel key cards are seen multiple times throughout the day. Request a quote today!

Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel supplier for the hospitality industry based in San Diego, California. We offer a wide range of hotel supply products, such as custom pens, hotel key cards, key card sleeves, and more. From boutique hotels to nationwide hotel chains, we have a selection of generic hotel supplies and offer custom hotel supply orders. 

If you have a question or need a quote for a custom order, you can get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling (888)-859-2061.