A gift basket is a great way to welcome special guests to your hotel, whether they’re VIP guests or visiting for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Whether you put together your own hotel gift baskets or purchase pre-made ones, you might be looking for ways to put your brand stamp on it so the gift basket looks more professional and tailor-made.

Here are 3 easy ways to give your hotel gift baskets a little more branding.

1. Greeting Cards

Placing a custom greeting card in the hotel gift basket is the easiest way to add your hotel branding and give the basket a more deluxe feel. If you place the greeting card at the front of the basket then the guest will immediately understand that this is a bundle your hotel prepared specifically for them.

At Front Desk Supply you can customize greeting cards and envelopes with your hotel logo, and your staff can write a personalized greeting inside. You can also use these stationary items to welcome your VIP guests at check-in.

2. Wine Packages

Wine packages, which may include one or two bottles of wine, snacks (such as crackers, nuts, and other types of charcuterie items), and little amenities that can help your guests enjoy a date night in their room.

Incorporating wine bottles with a custom label may be a little expensive. A better option is to add your house wines with a wine opener that’s customized with your hotel logo. Custom wine openers are more budget-friendly and make a strong brand statement. 

3. Gift Cards & Coupons

Gift cards, attraction tickets, and other coupon-type items make a great addition to any hotel gift basket. The one drawback is that they can sometimes have a store-bought appearance. Most boutique hotels want to avoid this.

You can make your gift cards and coupons feel more exclusive by using coupon cards instead. These are special key cards that are printed with scannable barcodes or QR codes that give your guests access to discounts on property or at partner businesses.

These are especially useful for VIP guests or rewards members who may have exclusive discounts or facility access at your property.

Alternatively, you can simply place your coupons and gift cards in a custom envelope or custom greeting card to make them more presentable.

Give Your Hotel Gift Basket a Little Branding

Hotel gift baskets can make a positive impression on your guests, and when you add the right branding, your guests will forever associate your property with exceptional guest service.

Contact Front Desk Supply today if you need to order custom supplies for your hotel gift baskets or other guest service needs. Our in-house designers can help you create your customized items for no extra charge.