In just a few short weeks, Halloween will be here. While the hospitality industry still faces tremendous uncertainty, this holiday can be a good way to bring some joy to otherwise trying times. As you are working to keep guests protected and comfortable, here are a few ways PPE can help your hotel celebrate Halloween safely.

Have Some Fun

Halloween is a time for spooky excitement, and that should be no different this year. Your guest list is likely smaller this October than in past years, but that doesn’t mean your visitors should feel any less welcome. If you’ve already ordered, custom PPE with Halloween themes can keep the experience lighthearted, while still emphasizing your priority to keep guests safe. Decorating signage with pumpkins, ghosts, or bats can bring some festivity to the public areas of your hotel, and adding a fun holiday goodie to guest room kits can put those staying with you in a good mood. For any protective equipment with text on it, brainstorm some amusing Halloween puns to demonstrate your points in a funny way.

Get Crafty

If you didn’t order your custom stock in time but would still like to get festive, you can DIY some generic PPE to fit the celebration. Encourage your employees to decorate their face masks to f
it a fun (but appropriate) costume theme, or give them suggested designs that match the rest of your decor. Head to your local decorations store to pick up some easy items to drape over
sneeze guards or hang next to posters.

Don’t Miss Out

Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween with your hotel, the major holidays coming up should most definitely be recognized. To make sure you’re fully prepared for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the entire season of November and December, you should restock your hotel supplies and personal protective equipment today. Customization of these items is a great way to incorporate seasonal celebrations into your hotel in a scrappy way. This simple way to celebrate can help you cut costs on the sometimes extensive decor that comes with the holiday season.

To run a successful hotel during these times, incorporating some celebration is necessary. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

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