The hotel industry is ever-growing. Each year, the competition rises as trends change. With developing technologies and rising guests’ expectations continually shaping the future of hotels, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest. Being prepared for the industry’s changes is one of the best ways hotels can ensure their guests are receiving excellent service. 

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Discover what to expect this upcoming year: 


Each year, the concern with environmental issues within hotels grows. Guests want to know that the hotel they are staying at cares about this type of ethical issue. Because of this, sustainability has become a growing priority as businesses promote their eco-friendliness. Boutique hotels can contribute their sustainability efforts in a variety of ways. From providing vegan options to using smart light bulbs to conserve energy, hotel staff members can show guests that they care. 


As a guest, choosing a hotel means they are choosing their “home away from home” for a short period of time. Guests want to feel valued, and personalization is the most effective way to show your boutique hotel’s appreciation for their stay. Personalization can be done through marketing materials, stationery products, and customer service. Returning customers can be automatically provided with similar services to last time they stayed, or they can also be personally greeted by a member of staff upon arrival. 

Smart Rooms

Technology is not only spreading in homes and offices, but hotel rooms as well. The essential amenities in a guestroom are becoming increasingly digital. Guests want to be attended to right away, which can be done through concierge services or temperature controls at the push of a button (or tap of a finger). Guests also want simplicity, which can come in the form of wireless chargers. Many of these innovations require only minimal changes to a modern room, therefore it can be a huge advantage for hotels who get on top of this trend quickly.

Experiences, Not Things 

The tastes and preferences of the modern traveler is evolving. Instead of investing in new material items, they prefer to save up for new experiences. Whether it is through an outdoor activity or a new restaurant, they are seeking new opportunities in new places. Hotels can keep up with this trend by providing different on and off-site activities for guests to participate in that will enhance their overall stay. 

As we embark on a new decade, we expect to see a variety of big and small changes within the hotel industry. With enough preparation, boutique hotel managers can attract guests through new ideas and exciting innovation. 

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