As autumn is upon us, now is a popular time for hotel Front Desk Managers to look at inventory for the last part of 2019 and the new year.  It won’t be good to run out during peak travel season around the holidays. Some boutique hotels order hotel supplies specifically for the holidays, with messaging that capture the spirit of the season. Hotel key card Holders may not be a priority for your guests, but you understand what value they truly provide. Hotel key card holders are not only a branding piece, but they can also act as a mini reference guide for your customers during their stay or even as a revenue generator. 


If you are in need of hotel key card holders, the Front Desk Supply team wants to help guide you with the options. 


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When customizing your key card sleeves or key folders, you will want to think about the level of quality. We have options ranging from economy to high-end. The pricing varies, but we understand the difference a few extra dollars spent on supplies can enhance the guest experience at your hotel property.

Another factor to consider is the size and the shape of your hotel key card holders. The bigger the hotel key card folders, the more options you have to include valuable information. You also have the option to customize the shape – a unique feature for key card holders.  Our design team can work with you to ensure your branding is perfect, and we can offer suggestions on key card sleeves and key card folders that other boutique hotels are customizing. This includes colors, text, and spacing to create the most impactful key card holder. 



The first step of designing your hotel key card holder is deciding the type of paper you want to use. Do you want a thin and lightweight sleeve, or do you want a thicker and heavier sleeve or folder? In addition to the type of paper, you will want to think about the finish of the sleeve or folder. Do you prefer a matte or glossy finish? It is a matter of preference because they are both good options. Our design team can work with you to develop the best sleeve for your property. There are many things to consider, like not using a matte finish if you are writing room number or WiFi code on the sleeve.  This will likely lead to smudged writing. 



When you are first designing your holder, the first graphic you need to include in your design is your logo in a vector file to look as clean as possible. Your logo is the foundation for your personalized key card holder. Once the logo is placed on the hotel key card holder, you can add additional photos if you would like. These photos can be a room in the hotel you would like to showcase or even the luxurious pool. We suggest image files of 1MB or larger. The possibilities are limitless, and we’ve helped many of our clients customize some great key card sleeves.  We’d be glad to show you some of them. 



After you have decided on the design layout that represents your brand, you may want to add some information to help guide your guests. The most important information your hotel key card holder should include is your hotel’s contact information in order for your guests to get in touch with you and your employees with convenience. With the numbers readily accessible, your guests will be able to contact you effortlessly without having to search through tons of paperwork. 

Another item to include is a checklist of hotel safety tips. It is better to be prepared for emergencies before they could potentially happen. Providing your guests with basic knowledge of where they can find exits and more is incredibly important to ensure everyone in the vicinity is on the same page.

Lastly, if you want to enhance the experience of your hotel guests, it would be a nice touch to add a mini-map. With the mini-map, your guests will be able to become more familiar with the property or even the surrounding area. When your guest stays at your hotel, you want to make them feel like they are at home. The mini-map will give your guests the inclusivity they need to enjoy local restaurants and events in the area. This also could be a great opportunity to partner with local restaurants and use some of this space for advertising, bringing your property some additional ROI on your key card holders.  


Hotel Key Card Holder Order

At Front Desk Supply, we can help you find the items that align with your identity and personal branding. Our Hotel Key Card Sleeves range from economy or luxury designs, and you have many designs to choose from when finding your perfect hotel key card sleeve or folder. We’ve got you covered for all your hotel supply needs!

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