Hotel Management Software: 5 Useful Programs

Looking for new hotel management software to streamline your hotel operations?

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different software programs on the market, at a variety of different price points. These can either improve the efficiency of your front desk or end up costing you more money than they’re worth.

Based on our experience working with hundreds of different hotels, here are a few different types of hotel management software that can give your property an efficiency boost.

1. aRes Travel

aRes Travel, which allows your guests to purchase discounted attraction tickets through your hotel, is the perfect hotel management software for your concierge staff. You could benefit from this software if your hotel is located in an area with nearby attractions that your guests frequently visit.

Guests often prefer to book attraction tickets through your hotel when they’re able to get a small discount, so you’ll have the opportunity to provide an excellent guest amenity, and you’ll be able to market this amenity to prospective guests.

2. Front Desk Supply Web Portal

We might be a little biased, but our online web portal at Front Desk Supply makes it so much easier for hotels to manage their orders of custom hotel supplies. It’s one of many reasons why our partners choose to order from us again and again.

Once you place an order with us, you can view the order and shipping status on the online web portal—we give you access free of charge. You can also order and schedule additional shipments without needing to start a long email chain, which saves you heaps of time.

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3. Cloudbeds

If you manage an inn or vacation rental, then Cloudbeds might be the best hotel management software for you. Cloudbeds is an “all-in-one” platform that allows you to manage reservations for all your properties, and there are also tools you can use to distribute management tasks among staff members.

4. Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier is another “all-in-one” hotel management software, but this one is better-suited for boutique and independent hotels. These types of properties may not have the money for a huge reservation system such as Opera. Little Hotelier is more affordable and doesn’t require tech support that’s quite so intensive (although they do offer 24-hour customer service).

5. Sling

One of the most time-consuming, tedious, and constant tasks of a hotel manager or supervisor is creating schedules for the staff, which is made even harder by the many different shifts required in hospitality.

If you’re tired of playing trial-and-error on spreadsheets, try using Sling, instead. Sling is a scheduling software that helps you do employee scheduling and shift planning through a visual and intuitive user interface. The pricing is very budget-friendly, which makes it suitable for smaller properties and boutique hotels.

Order Online with Front Desk Supply

Hospitality requires exceptional in-person service, but hotel management software (and other digital tools) can make it so much easier for you and your staff to deliver that exceptional service.

Don’t forget that Front Desk Supply offers free online tools that simplify the process for ordering custom hotel supplies. Reach out to us today if you’re ready to resupply your property the easy way.