The best hospitality managers in the business know – it’s all about the guest experience.  From the comfort of the room and the amenities of the hotel down to the channels available on the television and the hotel pens you provide, focusing on an A+ visit brings guests back in the future.  If you are detail-oriented like many hospitality decision-makers are, you’ve upgraded and enhanced everything at your boutique hotel, and you’re probably tracking your guest reviews to make sure they’ve noticed. Front Desk Supply, is a leading hospitality supplier of key cards, key card sleeves, signage, valet tags, and hotel stationery and pens.   This month at Front Desk Supply, we are talking about the best hotel pens. Your guests have already told us how important the pen is for their stay. Plain and simply put, guests appreciate the performance of a good hotel pen. This month, we are offering a $45 discount on new pen orders.  

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Which pen is right for you? We want to break down the three things to consider when ordering pens for your property.

The Ink

There are four primary styles of ink for you to choose from. What are you currently using, and what type of life are you getting out of your pens?  
  • Standard ball pen – German Dokumental Ink & tungsten carbide tip
  • Smooth Rite – Same as Standard but slightly larger ball writes smoother
  • Gel Ink – Uses a wax tip to keep the ink from drying prior to first use
  • Ultraflow Hybrid Inks – Writes smooth like a gel pen but dries fast like a ball pen

The Style

Just like anything, style matters, and that includes the type of pen you provide for your guests.  Do you want something simple or something memorable? We’ve seen the feedback from guests – they can often form quite a fascination with their hotel pens. The most popular pens stylistically include:
  • Stick pen
  • Plastic Ballpoint Pen
    • Plunger Style
    • Twist style
    • Twist/Plunger with Grip
  • Metallic Ballpoint
    • Plunger Style
    • Twist Style
    • Twist/Plunger with Grip
  • Stylus Style – rubber tip to use with electronic devices

The Design

Obviously, no matter how great a pen performs, you want the guest to attach your property with that pen.  Fitting your logo and carrying your desired message is almost as important as the functionality.   Front Desk Supply can help you with design options: 
  •       1 color: screen print; additional cost for additional colors
  •       1 color: pad print; additional cost for additional colors
  •       Digital: Full color
  •       Metal Standard: single pass laser (1/4” max height) – Full wrap laser
Don’t know where to start?  That’s OK! Our team is ready to guide you to the right decision. Front Desk Supply’s customization team can work with your team to narrow down some of the options to make the right choice. Do you want to look at the best hotel pens or the top personalized hotel pens for your guests?  We can show you all of our customizable pens. Take advantage of our September special. Right now, we are offering $45 off a new pen order for your boutique hotel. Check out our pen page, and ask your questions in the contact form.   Be sure to mention the $45 discount on your new pen order.  Prefer to talk to us right now? Give us a call at 1-888-859-2061 or email us at