Often confused to be different RFID hotel proximity cards are the same.Hotel Proximity Cards with RFID are the new standard in hotel room security. Guests not only like to see updated lock systems, they expect it. RFID cards are hotel key cards that open locks by bringing the card within the proximity of the card reader, as opposed to locks that open with keys or with cards and a magnetic strip. Hotels that use RFID cards can create hotel amenities with beautiful, custom designs and take advantage of the many benefits of these hotel key cards.

As the premiere hotel amenity supplier based out of San Diego, Front Desk Supply specializes in many different locks and key systems for hotels and boutiques. We see that hoteliers’ number one concern is the safety, comfort, and experience of their guests. Based on the insight we have into hotel security systems, these are the top advantages we see for hotels using RFID cards.

The Advantages of Hotel Proximity Cards with RFID

Hotel key cards with RFID chips are adaptable to a wide range of systems, secure, convenient, and durable throughout the life cycle of your hotel.

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Highly Adaptable

RFID cards are highly adaptable to a wide range of RFID locks, which means that hoteliers can purchase RFID cards with a high sense of confidence that the cards will match their hotel lock systems.

Hoteliers and managers can trust their hotel amenity supplier to aid them in programming the cards for each unique hotel lock system, ensuring that hotels can get their keycards up and running as soon as possible.

Easy and Convenient

RFID key cards are the ideal solution for a positive guest experience, as they are more convenient and easier to use than other types of key cards. Guests can unlock their door simply by bringing their key card within the proximity of the lock, meaning that guests will not have to fumble with swiping on inserting systems.

RFID key card systems are more forward-thinking than traditional key card lock systems, signaling to guests that their hotel is forward-thinking, secure, and focused on a positive hotel experience.

Extended Life

Because RFID cards are not directly interacting with hotel door lock systems, RFID cards have a longer life than traditional key cards. Contact systems are more prone to dirt, dust, moisture, and stickiness. They are more likely to have pieces get broken or shift out of place.

RFID key cards and their systems minimize guest contact with the lock, meaning that the system is less likely to break or malfunction due to guest use.

Safety and Security

RFID cards offer heightened security due to data tracking on a secure RFID chip. Hotel guests can rest assured that the data stored on the RFID cards is safe from bad actors. These data systems can leave guests with a sense of security over themselves and their belongings.

The Best Supplier for Proximity Cards with RFID

You can save when they buy hotel key cards in bulk. Front Desk Supply supports warehousing for bulk orders. We deliver the amount you need when you need them, and the excess can be stored in our warehouse, ready to be shipped out to you as soon as you need them, without the turnover wait times. Hoteliers get a quantity discount, special services like tracking, and personal support from our team.

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Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel supplier for the hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of hotel supply products, such as custom pens, hotel key cards, key card sleeves, and more. From boutique hotels to nationwide hotel chains, we have a selection of generic hotel supplies and offer custom hotel supply orders.

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