New Year’s resolutions don’t have to apply only to people – they can also be applied to your hospitality business! Before you officially close the chapter on 2021, you should consider setting a few resolutions to strive for in 2022. As a leading hotel supply company, we have industry knowledge that may help you set a few resolutions that you can achieve next year. Get inspired by our list of hotel resolutions to consider in the New Year below.

Schedule Events to Get to Know Guests

Last year was a rollercoaster for vacationers as they tried to enjoy their stay at hotels during the ongoing pandemic. Organizing small events for guests can make a large impact. If you make connections with guests at these events, you can receive feedback about your service and provide them with a pleasurable experience. Who knows, they may come back to stay with you again!

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Complete a Hotel Resolution from Last Year

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be brand new. If a hotel resolution from last year wasn’t checked off, add it back to your list this year. Perhaps you made progress but didn’t quite complete the goal to fully tick the box. On the positive side, you likely have an understanding of why it didn’t work out. Use this to your advantage and ensure you fulfill your resolution!

Post on Social Media More Often

Hotels using social media have the benefit of sharing what the experience of staying with them is like. If you are a hotel that has left your social media on the back burner, this is a good time to start posting again. Posting on social media is beneficial, as 73% of millennials view a hotel’s social media accounts before booking a stay. We are certain this hotel resolution will be easy to check off.

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Update Your Hotel Marketing Tactics

One of the easiest ways to make a positive change in the New Year is to update your marketing. Whether it’s social media or your hotel marketing materials, we encourage you to update for the better. If you have used the same hotel product designs for the last 5 years, you’re due for a change. Front Desk Supply can help you update the look of many of your hotel supply products. Let our team work with you to create a design you’ll love. Any custom hotel supply order comes with FREE design services.

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