Coronavirus has forever altered the way our world operates. For hotels, many changes and guidelines will need to be set in place in order to keep guests and employees safe. 

States across the country have begun to open back up, meaning hotels are opening their doors to the public. From check-in to check-out, guests and hotel staff are in contact with numerous people, creating a crucial need to ensure that everything is sanitary. 

At Front Desk Supply, we are shifting gears in order to benefit the hospitality industry in the most effective way possible by providing a new product line strictly to help hotels during and after COVID-19. 


Discover a few of the most important items every hotel will now need:

Safety Guideline Displays 

Each hotel will have different guidelines depending on the way they approach guest relations. But, the CDC and AHLA have implemented specific instructions that all hotels must follow. It is important for hotels to have safety guidelines displayed in every common area. With these signs, guests will have a clear understanding of how they can enjoy their stay safely and be confident in knowing all health standards are being followed. This is also beneficial for hotel staff to refer guests to, in instances where guidelines are not being obeyed. 

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Along with key cards, there are many items hotel guests touch multiple times a day. In order to eliminate the spread of germs, hand sanitizing stations should be available throughout the hotel. This will alleviate any worry guests may have as they come and go from the hotel. Large spaces such as the lobby should have sanitizing stations upon entrance and towards guest rooms. 

Social Distancing Signs 

The term “social distancing” has become the world’s most popular buzzword over the past few months. While guests may know that social distancing is enforced in all public places, it is helpful to have signs around to ensure that people are staying 6 feet away from one another. As guests line up to be checked-in, they can practice social distancing by staying next to their designated sign. 

Protective Barriers 

Keeping a safe distance within hotels is not always possible in certain situations. This is where protective barriers are vital. In order to protect your front desk staff when greeting guests, implement a clear barrier in between. This way, guests and staff are still able to communicate and stay safe. These barriers are small and can be transported to any area of your hotel. 

As we continue to prepare for more hotels to welcome guests back in, taking proper precautions will become the new normal. 

Interested in knowing what other supplies your hotel will need? We have created an entire checklist of the most essential items your hotel will need during and after COVID-19. 

Many of the items on our checklist are available for hotels to purchase now. Visit our new product website to receive items your hotel needs to stay safe, clean, and healthy.


In order to keep our team healthy and safe, we have taken precautions, and all team members that are not needed in producing or warehousing activities are working from home. Further, we have built additional redundancy in our supply network. Although we have not experienced any significant delays in our supply chain, we will continue to monitor changes and will utilize alternate vendors if needed to ensure we can hold to our normal lead times. We are in close contact with our shipping partners and will advise our customers of any widespread issues affecting delivery.

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