When you need more hotel supplies, you place an order, wait for delivery, and get right back to business. However, when the process isn’t meeting expectations, you may have a few questions for your supplier. Front Desk Supply is transparent about our terms and conditions and is always there to make your business as profitable as possible. 

After all, customer service is one of our top priorities. When we updated the Front Desk Supply website, we kept our customers in mind and made searching for hotel supplies easier and more streamlined. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top hotel supply misconceptions you should know. Discover what they are below and get answers to several frequently asked questions.

Why Have I Received Extra (or less) Product?

When you open your order of hotel supplies or review your invoice, you may discover that you’ve received slightly more or slightly less than what you originally ordered. Front Desk Supply makes more than necessary so we can properly fulfill a customer’s order. When we are planning your order, we print more than requested to account for any items that are damaged through each stage of the printing process.  If we use key folders as an example, some pieces can get damaged while printing, cutting, folding, gluing, and packaging. 

This is a standard print industry process to ensure the highest number of items meeting our customer’s needs. Please note, most orders our customers receive exactly the quantity they order!

How much less or extra do you receive?

The amount of over or under-produced items is either over or under 10%. For example, if you ordered 1,000 pens from your hotel supplier, you may receive as few as 900 or as many as 1,100 pens instead. 

View Front Desk Supply’s Terms and Conditions.

Why was I Billed for Extra Product?

As part of our obligation to fulfill hotel supply orders, we state in our terms and conditions that an “over or under run of products is acceptable by the Purchaser.” This means that a bill for an order with excess items will be adjusted to reflect the actual quantity of items shipped in the case of orders outside of these bounds. In short, billing will not be at the price for the original order, but at the actual quantity shipped. 

Why Does it Take Long to Ship Products?

Over the last year, we’ve seen the supply chain struggle due to delayed container shipments by the major carries and a lack of labor to transport them. Couriers have also felt the strain of increased shipments by businesses of all industries, and this may slow down the shipping process. Customers should know that there is potential for delayed hotel supply orders caused by supply chain strain. FedEx brings the products you need to your hospitality business when you need them. Learn about our partner for reliable shipping.

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Why Would I Experience a Cost Increase?

There’s been a steady increase in the price of pulp (the raw material of paper) since March 2020 along with an increased demand for manufacturing in other industries. Our primary paper provider has informed us that this volatility in capacity for paper manufacturing has led to a slight increase in prices for this item. We have held down price increases through many of the increases we have borne this year, and always do our best to minimize hotel supply price increases for you.

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