During the busy winter season, hotels experience an increase in guests as they travel home for the holidays. Hospitality businesses are more than happy to accommodate travelers during their journey. However, some guests aren’t able to enjoy the holidays from home and look to their hotel to provide the comfort of home.

Front Desk Supply is happy to share our tips for helping your hotel feel like a home away from home this winter. Check them out below!

Welcome Guests with Gifts

It’s always nice to receive a gift when you least expect it. Fill guests with cheer by giving them a small gift, such as chocolate, flowers in their room, or a holiday-themed note. You can even delight guests with a themed hotel key card or a custom notepad. It’s the little things you do for them that lift your guests’ spirits this season.  We also have other great gift ideas at: https://hotelsupplyhq.com/.

Decorate Hotel Common Areas

There’s nothing like gathering around the fireplace on a chilly night to make you feel right at home. If you’re a lucky hotelier and have a hearth or a small lounge area, be sure to decorate it for the festive season! Spread joy through decorations by depicting one of the various winter holidays, or by choosing a theme. Transform a common area, or your entire hotel, into a winter wonderland.

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Create Holiday Packages 

If your hotel is known for its array of hospitality packages, consider creating a holiday version this winter. From small to luxurious packages, have fun coming up with temporary new names for your best offerings. You may even consider offering a brand new holiday package altogether. Guests enjoy themed holiday packages and may even consider giving them away as gifts for their loved ones to join. Make an impact that only your business can create.

Get Hotel Staff Involved

Guests interact with staff often. If they’re in a cheerful mood, chances are that they spread that happiness to guests too! A change in wardrobe may not be cost-effective for all hotels, but investing in boutonnieres or festive accessories for your staff to wear might be. When your staff is all-in on the spirit of the season, guests will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly ambiance and decorum.

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Organize Festive Events

Last but not least, get your hotel guests into a joyful mood by organizing festive events for them. Set up small events that your guests are invited to join in. Custom signage can help deliver messages to guests all around your hotel. Consider setting up a hot cocoa bar or movie viewing to encourage guests to enjoy some company if they’re feeling lonely. The holidays can be isolating, especially for business travelers, so make sure you’re extending a warm welcome to all guests.

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