Custom Branded Hotel SignsFirst impressions are important, especially when your guests are staying at your hotel for the first time. From the moment your guests first arrive at your property, they’ll immediately start forming their impressions. That’s why it’s critical for hospitality managers to make a favorable lasting impression from the start with branded hotel signs. At Front Desk Supply, a leading hotel supply company in the country with over 50 years of experience, we work closely with front desk managers to ensure they have the right branded hotel signs to make their property shine and please their guests.

Signs for your valet, concierge, lobby, and check-in are often the first signs your guests will see. Branded hotel signs welcome your guests, and provide a pivotal role by informing and helping guests throughout the duration of their stay.

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How Branded Hotel Signs Improve Guest Experience

Ways Branded Hotel Signs Help Enhance Your Guests’ Experience:

  • Help them navigate their way around the hotel, providing directions to areas unfamiliar to your guests like restrooms, hotel rooms, dining and bar areas
  • Convey important information, including check-in and checkout times
  • Answer FAQs
  • Provide property highlights with maps and pictures to illustrate key directions and information
  • Highlight amenities like pool, spa center, and workout center
  • Provide general like warnings, fire escapes, stair exits
  • Communicate rules and regulations

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What Types of Branded Hotel Signs Does Front Desk Supply Offer?

As a front desk manager, before ordering your hotel signs, you’ll first need to contemplate where the sign will be located. Will you need it for your lobby, at the front desk, in the bathroom, in the hotel room or on the hotel room door? Next, you need to figure out your messaging; what does your hotel need to communicate? Additional considerations you’ll need to think about are whether you want a reusable sign, and also the appropriate size of the sign you need. At Front Desk Supply, we offer these types of signage as well as larger-size signs and custom die-cut signs.

When considering the best-branded hotel signs, it’s important to feature your logo, brand colors, and property photos, when applicable, to point out highlights to your guests.

Popular Types of Branded Hotel Signs

There are many popular signs hotels use, including:

  • Privacy/Do Not Disturb Signs to let housekeeping know when privacy or cleaning is needed
  • Disposable Menu Door Handle Signs for room service drink and food options
  • Tent Shape Signs for the room desk with important phone numbers and info or in bathrooms to point out bathrobes and towels
  • L Shaped Signs are often used as a guide for housekeeping hours or as a no smoking reminder

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Have Your Branded Hotel Signs Impress & Help Your Guests with Front Desk Supply

At Front Desk Supply, we’re able to supply branded hotel signs that provide guests with helpful and important information while also making a lasting impression on your guests for a memorable experience. In addition to branded hotel signs, we offer other critical hotel and marketing materials for your brand, including branded or custom key card folders, key sleeves, hotel stationery, pens, valet tickets, bag tags, and other integral hotel supplies. Know you can find all your needs from one hotel supplier, conveniently and confidently, providing one-stop shopping that saves time and ease of fulfilling all your hotel supply needs.

Enjoy Free Design Services at Front Desk Supply

Remember, at Front Desk Supply, we offer free design services, perfect for your branded hotel signs and supplies. Get a quote for a custom order, get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling us at (888)-859-2061.