For hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry, recent years have highlighted the importance of managing a complex and ever-evolving hotel supply chain. As the helm of a hotel management company, you grapple with challenges from sourcing top-tier amenities to orchestrating timely deliveries, all while ensuring smooth daily operations.

Here at Front Desk Supply, our expert team has collaborated with hundreds of establishments, ranging from independent boutique hotels to expansive multi-property management entities. 

Read on to discover our recommendations for hotel management companies aiming to fine-tune their hotel supply chain practices.

Hotel Supply Chain Challenges Faced by Hotel Management Companies

If your company is managing multiple properties, it is likely that each property has unique needs. Tracking high and diverse quantities of inventory in a fast-paced environment like a hotel can be complex. Because supplies, including hotel key cards, hotel signs, and key card sleeves, are crucial to the success of the hotel, supply chain delays can bring normal operations to a halt.

Other issues that can crop up surrounding the supply chain include quality, costliness, and timeliness. This is especially relevant with supplies that may be coming from overseas that may have questionable or unknown origins. Because of the wide variety of supplies needed by hotel management companies, it can be difficult to source the right products for multiple properties and expect consistent quality while managing costs.

To combat these issues, management companies should seek out a single supplier that can vet supplies and deliver them in a timely manner. Below are some ways that Front Desk Supply can help.

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How Front Desk Supply Can Help Management Companies Improve Their Hotel Supply Chain

To address the hotel supply chain issues management companies face, Front Desk Supply provides products that are primarily U.S.-sourced, giving hotels a way to bypass many of the issues that can crop up when overseas supply issues can cripple businesses. A key element being timely delivery – no customs delays, lessened shipping delays, etc. are a great reason.  Some other ways that hotels can improve their supply chain by working with Front Desk Supply include:

Centralizing Your Supply Resource:

Having a single supply partner who can meet all of your needs across your properties can save you the trouble of juggling multiple vendors and getting supplies at different levels of quality. Picking a single supplier means you can also take advantage of bulk purchasing discounts. Front Desk Supply has a wide range of custom hotel supplies, from common supplies to unique products, meaning that you can rely on our team for all of your needs.  We also can assist in selecting multiple products that fit your hotel’s image, rather than a scattered group vendors each with their own interests.

Building a Professional Relationship:

Building a strong relationship with your supplier means you have a partner who can walk you through the current supply chain environment and help you make the best decisions for your business. Having an expert with insider knowledge of supply chain issues, product options and cost saving measures can help you stay ahead of the competition. Front Desk Supply acts as a partner for your hotel, keeping you informed about any industry trends and updates.

Picking a Supplier with Quality Assurance:

By funneling your supplies through a single supplier, you can ensure that the materials you receive are of high quality. A good supplier will implement quality control measures like product testing, before selling them to hotels. Front Desk Supply’s products are beautiful, durable, and of high quality.

Your Source for Custom Hotel Supplies

If you’re a hotel management company looking to enhance your supply chain, now is the time to save on essential items. We can support your supply chain needs and help you provide the best possible experience for your guests.

Front Desk Supply partners with hotels, boutiques, and nationwide hotel chains to find the right product for your property based on your sustainability needs.

To discuss your custom needs or request a  quote for a custom order, feel free to contact us via our online contact form or call us at (888)-859-2061.