The hospitality industry has become busier as the year has progressed. Most visits and stays to hotels came from domestic travelers in the United States. Starting November 8th international travel restrictions will end. Foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated can enter the U.S. This increase of international visitors also comes at a time when Americans intend to travel for the holidays, creating a perfect storm.

Front Desk Supply encourages hoteliers to be prepared for an increase of visitors now and in the foreseeable future. Here are some tips on how your hotel can balance holiday and international guests.

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Prepare Guests for Limited Services

Hotels aim to provide good service. Being transparent with holiday and international guests can help you set expectations about their visit. Avoid letting down guests and placing additional pressure on your staff by being upfront about your capabilities. Your hotel may not fully staffed yet or has limited services like daily turndown and limited restaurant hours. It’s best to prepare guests for what you have to offer. Place custom signage around your hotel for your guests to relay important information, or to indicate that your hotel is ready to provide service upon request.

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Designate Communal Spaces

The fall and winter seasons become very cold, very fast in most parts of the United States. That means guests may be more inclined to stay inside and enjoy the warmth. If you have a boutique hotel or want to ensure hotel guests stay in certain areas, consider designating communal spaces. Inform guests where they can congregate safely without confining them to their rooms. These designated areas will reduce frustration and allow holiday and international guests to enjoy services outside of their hotel room. Allow guests to explore ambient music, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, or lounges.

Stock Up for the Busy Travel Season

There’s no telling how difficult this holiday season will be. Your hotel should stock up sooner than later. You should try to avoid reaching for your very last hotel key card in the busiest quarter of the year. Front Desk Supply will do our best to get you the products you need on time. 

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