Campus security is a top concern for every campus administrator. Unfortunately, we’re not exactly living in the golden age of campus safety, but you have some powerful tools at your disposal to help you create a more secure environment at your university. The most important tool is the key card, which allows you to manage access permissions on campus. When equipped with the right technology, key cards can be tremendously effective in protecting your students, faculty, and facilities. Let’s explore how key cards keep your campus safe.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out of Dorms

Your most vulnerable students are often your youngest students. That’s why it’s important to use highly secure access cards to regulate who comes in and out of your campus dorm rooms.

Most college students have late nights at the library and might be returning to the dorms after hours, when there’s less security around.

ID access cards—which are university IDs that students use to gain entry to the dorms in which they’re living—are essential for making sure that your students are protected when they’re coming back late at night.

Access cards can:

  • Prevent unauthorized visitors from entering dorm rooms and other types of campus housing
  • Ensure that students can only access the dorm room in which they’re living
  • Turn your dorm rooms into true safe spaces for your students

Ideally, your access cards would be programmed with the strong security mechanisms so they can’t be illicitly scanned, duplicated, or faked. Reach out to Front Desk Supply to let us know what you are using for these and we can explore other technologies your key cards could use. We can provide guidance on the different types of card security available to you.

Protect Your Classrooms and Facilities

Dormitories are not the only buildings you want to keep safe. Key cards can also control access to your classrooms, libraries, common areas, gyms, and other places that should only be visited by students or groups of students.

Your students will need to access a classroom during classroom / operational hours, while your staff may need to access the classroom after hours. Key cards let you set specific access permissions for select people at specified times of day. You could even program your key cards so that students can only enter a classroom if they’re enrolled in a course there.

Keep Your Research Secure

Most universities are involved in research and may want to find ways to secure their research information and expensive lab facilities. Once again, key cards should be the first step in maintaining security.

Key cards allow you to set access permissions so that only authorized students and faculty can access your research facilities. You can also use key cards to manage permissions at computers and other electronic access points, reducing the risk of theft and cyber attacks.

RFID key cards are typically the best type of access card for securing important labs and information because they’re hard to steal data from and can hold a larger amount of access data.  The chips inside are also largely available so they are less expensive than other solutions (supply/demand) but with all the security features.

Update Access Permissions Anytime

It should be easy for campus administrators to update access permissions anytime. You’ll have to do this when:

  • Students graduate and are no longer active on campus
  • Students leave programs and no longer need access to facilities
  • Faculty and staff change employment status

Most colleges are focused on guarding people unassociated with the university, but former faculty and former students can pose a risk that’s easily overlooked.

Upgrade Your Key Cards with Front Desk Supply

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