In the age of quick turnaround and two-day shipping, you may be expecting a hotel supply order to come as soon as the next day. However, front desk managers and hotels know that this may not be the case when ordering hotel supplies. Depending on the type of order, it can take time to create items, especially ones that are branded or customized.

We know, just as you do, that the wait for custom hotel supplies is certainly worth it for your business. For example, branded hotel logo items improve brand recognition and demonstrate to guests that you go the extra mile with small details. You’ll never run low on supplies when you consider the estimated lead time and plan accordingly. If you’re unsure about what lead time means in the ordering process, we explain this and what impacts lead time below.

What Does “Estimated Lead Time” Mean?

Before we jump into the definition, you should know that products may undergo several stages. This all occurs before becoming the final version that arrives at your hotel. Orders for generic products can be fulfilled more quickly. However, when you invest in branded or custom items, it may take extra time to complete. 

At Front Desk Supply, the estimated lead time begins after several pieces of information are processed. This includes reviewing pricing, submission of design files, and final approval of artwork. Once the final production proof is made orders cannot be changed. 

Once the steps above are completed, that is when the lead time begins for Front Desk Supply orders. During this time, a product may go through different stages of production before arriving at its destination, such as:

  • Printing
  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Boxing
  • Shipment preparation

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What Else Impacts Order Lead Time?

In some cases, a hotel supply order may have a longer lead time because it requires more steps or processes to be completed before drop off at its final destination. We have identified three major causes for delayed or longer lead times as of August 2021.

Supply Chain Delays

Suppliers work with manufacturers to create the items a customer orders. If an incident occurs along the way, it causes a domino effect for the rest of the supply chain. For example, even if the manufacturer can fulfill its part, the finished order may run into an issue with the courier–who may deliver items later than expected. Although unintended, the situation may cause a longer lead time.

Order Volume Processed

Another reason that lead time may be extended is order volume, specifically high volume orders. When purchasing in bulk, you may find that the lead time is longer than it would be if you purchased several smaller volume orders. This is because it would simply take more time to create 10,000 pens than it would to create just 1,000 pens.  Luckily, once received the supply will last longer and the price will be less by ordering more (since we are more efficient).  

Concurrent, Return to Business

We have many customers around the country and right now, they are accelerating their ordering. Throughout most of the pandemic hotels were uncertain about their bookings and thus ordered in smaller quantities. Now that much of the industry is returning to normal, many of our customers are getting ahead of things and ordering in larger quantities. 

Combine this with the normal “busy season” of the summer and production lines are in full swing. Front Desk Supply does its best to fulfill orders for urgent needs, but please note that estimated lead times for a range of products are running a few days longer than the norm.

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Where Can I Learn More About Front Desk Supply Orders?

Do you still have questions about hotel supply orders from Front Desk Supply? Check out our terms and conditions for additional information. You can reach out to the Front Desk Supply team directly by clicking the green chat box button at the bottom right corner of our website. 

You can also contact us by filling out a form on our website. 

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