Hotel signage is often the first instance of branding your hotel guests encounter when they enter your business. By investing in well-designed signage, hotels can create a lasting impact on guests and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

If you need help choosing the best hotel signage for your property, the team at Front Desk Supply has partnered with hotels across the U.S. to provide well-designed and custom hotel signs and has supplied some of the most high-end hotels in the United States. 

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Popular Considerations for Choosing Hotel Signs

In the fast-paced world of hotel and travel, signs play a crucial role in enhancing the guest experience and driving revenue to your business. Signs serve as guides, reflect your brand identity, and play a crucial role in the communication between you, your hotel staff, and your guests.

To choose the best signs for your hotel’s needs, consider the type of signs you need and their purpose. 

Sign Types

Your hotel is made up of many different signs for an extensive list of purposes. Permanent signs may include room number plates, directional signs, room policy signs, and signs for branding.

Temporary signs may include name plates, signs for dining, do-not-disturb signs, or signs for frequently changing policies (such as COVD-policy-related signs.) The type of signs and the installation location determines the material, size, and quantity of the signs needed.


Signs are integral to every part of your guests’ hotel stay and may be located in rooms, bathrooms, spas, gyms, the dining hall, the lobby, in hallways, in elevators, outside, or anywhere else on your property.

Temporary signs located on top of flat surfaces may not need additional hardware to install. In contrast, other signs may need to be fitted specifically for the location in which they are to be installed.


The materials that signs can be made of are widely diverse and can range from paper and cardstock to sturdier materials, including plastic, PVC, metal, and wood to name a few.

Front Desk Supply offers options for paper and plastic in a wide range of thicknesses, perfectly catered to your design preferences and budget. Signs can be further customized with lamination and finishing options.  There are also higher end options, so just ask!


If your hotel has a strict design guide that your hotel signage must adhere to, the experienced graphics team at Front Desk Supply can help create a proof of concept that meets all of your branding requirements. If your hotel is starting from scratch and is seeking an experienced professional’s opinion, our team has decades of design experience and can create the ideal product for your business.

Your hotel sign designs reflect your brand voice – whether you employ bright signs for your family-friendly resort or minimalist designs to exude luxury and sophistication. Front Desk Supply has a wide range of design materials, printing methods, and finishes to accomplish the finished product you’re looking for.

Your Source for Custom Hotel Signage

Hoteliers get free design services when ordering customized products from Front Desk Supply, the premier hotel supplier for the U.S. Get beautiful and customizable supplies and signs to give your guests a comfortable and memorable stay when you partner with us.

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