When your guests stay at your hotel, they rely on you and your team to keep them safe for the duration of their stay. The best way to protect your guests from potential wrongdoers is to be prepared for common situations that might crop up. A reliable security system that prioritizes key card protection is one of the most convenient ways to ensure your guests have a smooth check-in experience while keeping them and their belongings safe.

The expert team at Front Desk Supply is the leading partner for hotels in the U.S. and a leading national voice for hotel key card security. We understand that hoteliers have concerns about the safety of their hotel key cards. Our team is here to answer any questions and address common myths about key card protection.

Read below to learn more about how key cards can keep your hotel safe.

How Key Card Protection Keeps Your Hotel Guests Safe

Key card systems keep your guests and their belongings safe by being adaptable, secure, and private. These systems ensure that your guests have a peaceful night’s sleep free from worry.  RFID and magnetic key cards offer heightened security due to reducing data tracking on secure RFID chips.

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A Secure Locking System

Key cards are harder to counterfeit than traditional keys. With traditional keys, if an ill intentioned person creates a copy of a hotel key, hotels are forced to change the locks to keep the room secure. Key cards keep hotel guests safe because the key readers are immediately reprogrammable.

“The best part about key cards is that the information is wiped after a guest’s stay is over. Not only does this mean that guests can’t re-enter the premises without the hotelier’s authorization, but it also means that guests can keep their keycard worry-free and have a cool keepsake to remind them of their travels.”

— Mark Zisek, Director of Commercial Operations, Front Desk Supply.

Since unwanted guests can’t enter without a key card, and electronic key readers are also more difficult to tamper with than traditional locks, guests can rest assured that they and their belongings are secure.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Some hotel guests may show concern, assuming that magnetic and RFID key cards are storing their personal information. However, guests can rest assured that personal information is not stored in their hotel key card. Magnetic key cards store information in a magstripe, while RFIDs store information on the chip set and use a small antenna that communicates with the card reader once the key card is brought close.

Key card readers can only read information pertinent to locking and unlocking the door. There is not enough space on the card to hold much additional information. Guests can remain assured that key cards will not store their sensitive personal information and that these systems cannot gain access.

Read this Washington Post article on hotel key cards for FDS Director Mark Zisek’s further thoughts on privacy and information concerns.

RFID vs. Magnetic: How to Choose the Best Protection

When it comes to safety and security, both magnetic and RFID key cards can keep your hotel secure. RFID key cards, along with the benefits mentioned above, have the added benefit of being even harder to skim than magnetic cards. Additionally, they will not demagnetize over time, meaning that these key cards are less likely to jam and leave your guests locked out of their rooms. If your hotel’s security system allows for it, choosing RFID key cards may add an extra layer of security your guests need.

The Best Supplier for Hotel Key Cards

If you are seeking a partner to help solve key card protection issues in your hotel, Front Desk Supply has you covered. Our team can help you find the best solution for your hotel, ensuring your guests have a seamless and secure experience.

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