Sustainability is not just trendy but a necessity for both consumers and businesses to acknowledge and implement into their overhead and day-to-day practices. More and more, guests browsing hotels and boutiques for their stay are looking at a hotel’s environmental policy when deciding where to stay.

Ways to Create a More Environmentally Friendly Hotel Experience

Recycle and Encourage Your Guests to Do the Same

Cut down on plastic waste by reusing paper materials like brochures and signage. Invest in glass bottles instead of single-use plastic for shampoo and shower supplies. You can also opt for boxed water instead of water in plastic bottles.

Encourage your guests and staff to recycle by keeping recycle bins everywhere throughout your hotel where there are trash bins. Utilize signs to help your guests know where to put each type of material. For instance, aluminum, paper, plastic, and cardboard can go into the recycle bin, while food waste goes into the trash.

Invest in Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Aside from being harmful for your hotel’s local water supply, traditional cleaning products tend to emit a harsh, chemical smell that is uninviting for guests. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are better for the environment while providing a welcoming, gentle environment for guests.

Save Water By Implementing Washroom Changes

Hotels use a staggering amount of water, from guest bathrooms to hotel pools, hot tubs, and washrooms. Water conservation is best for the environment and cuts down on a hotel’s water bill. Invest in low-water washing machines for your washrooms.

Guests can play an active role in cutting down on water waste by choosing to reuse their linens. Implement a system for guests to choose, such as a system where guests hang linens they wish to reuse and leave linens that want washed on the ground. Front Desk Supply provides recyclable paper and plastic signs to ensure guests know how to help save water!

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Hotels can easily benefit the environment and save money by switching to energy efficient lighting. Optimized lighting solutions last longer and produce less heat.

Hotels and boutiques can also implement automatic solutions that cut off lights if no one is in the room, meaning that lights are preserved, even when guests forget to hit their light switch.

Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Hotel Amenities

Reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint use when you switch to environmentally friendly hotel supplies like magnetic and RFID key cards made of recycled plastic, wood, PVC, or polyester. Consider switching your current signage, key card sleeves, and pens to products made of recycled or biodegradable materials like seeded paper — a beautiful material that sprouts wildflowers when planted.

Front Desk Supply is the premier hotel amenity supplier for the U.S., and has recently launched a new line of eco-friendly hotel products. “For hoteliers who want to begin their journey to create a more environmentally friendly hotel, upgrading hotel amenities is a simple and cost-effective place to start,” says Mark Zisek, Director of Commercial Operations, Front Desk Supply. The new eco-friendly product line includes RFID and magnetic key cards, do-not-disturb signs, pens, notebooks, and key card sleeves. These beautiful and customizable amenities indicate to your guests that you are committed to greener practices.

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