Conferences and conventions give you an opportunity to fill up most, if not all, of the rooms at your hotel. But did you know you can make additional revenue by doing advertising with your hotel key cards?

Here’s how you can do hotel key card advertising to boost your revenue during a convention. 

Get Sponsorships

Hotel guests look at their key cards more frequently when they’re attending a convention. Why? Attendees typically walk back and forth from the convention to the hotel repeatedly, so they’ll look at their room keys frequently throughout the day.

That means your key card is like a miniature billboard; it’s a prime advertising space for companies affiliated with the convention.

To encourage people to visit their booth at the show, companies may want to include their logo and booth number on your key cards, and they’ll pay your hotel to do so.

Once you work out a design with your sponsor, you can reach out to Front Desk Supply and have us make the key cards for you. [We also have an in-house design team that can help you figure out how to incorporate your sponsor’s branding.]

On average, we can deliver the key cards in just 3 – 4 weeks after you approve the final design (often sooner if needed). Our quick turnaround time allows you to build sponsorship deals only a couple months out from the convention.

Build Customer Loyalty

If you have a large number of guests attending the convention, you might want to create custom key cards that match the theme of the event. This is a great way to create a festive atmosphere at your hotel, but there’s marketing benefits, too.

You want your guests to remember your hotel so they’ll book with you again at the next convention. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for hotel guests to forget which hotel they booked on a trip.

That’s where key cards come in handy.

By making your key cards convention-themed, you’re turning them into souvenirs that your guests would like to bring home. These souvenirs will help your guests remember your hotel so they’ll make a booking with you the next time they’re in town.  Often sponsors use the front of the key and the back is your billboard!

You can employ the same strategy with other customizable products, such as:

Cater to VIP Guests

Your hotel might host VIP guests who carry more clout and spend more money. In most cases, these will be highly paid corporate executives, but some conventions attract bona fide celebrities.

You can use VIP key cards to cater to your high-profile guests. These cards provide special perks to your VIP guests. For example, they might give your VIPs access to exclusive lounges or facilities, or give them a discount at your hotel bar. These types of exclusive perks can make your VIPs loyal to your hotel and entice them to book with you again in the future.

How To Get Started with Hotel Key Card Advertising

You shouldn’t miss out on revenue and marketing opportunities that conventions can bring. Advertising with your hotel key cards is a great way to boost your short-term profits while also improving your brand visibility and brand loyalty.

If you want to customize your hotel key cards with sponsored brands and custom theming, reach out to Front Desk Supply today. We have in-house designers who can help you figure out the design elements and sizing specifications, transforming your room keys into gorgeous and effective marketing materials.