If you work in a hotel, you might notice you have a lot of new co-workers. Each year, a new crop of hospitality management graduates enter the job market, and a lot of those fresh faces work behind the front desk.

As a front desk worker, you know there’s more to the job than checking people in and out and supplying them more hotel key cards. There’s a good chance that at some point on the job, you will have to order custom hotel supplies.

Hotel Ordering Tips

If you’ve never ordered before, and you’re tasked with finding new custom hotel supplies, Front Desk Supply can share some tips on what to look for in preparation.

Determine Your Custom Hotel Supplies Design

Making the decision to order custom hotel supplies is the first step towards creating a memorable experience for your guests. Your property already has a logo. Perhaps you want to enhance that logo for a special occasion, like a holiday.

If your boutique or independent hotel does not have its own design department, we can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of hotels, and we offer free graphic design services on any custom product order. Our experienced design team of graphic artists is matched with each client based on your project and their expertise.

Determine When to Order and Reorder

Hotel stock can dwindle quickly if you’re not carefully monitoring things. Some properties automatically reorder every 90-days. They place smaller, more frequent orders, so the stock is never depleted. Other properties place less frequent, larger orders to always have an abundance of stock on hand.

“We see the prepared, savvy front desk workers sign-up for supply reorders so they never have to worry about running low,” says Mark Zisek, Director of Commercial Operations, Front Desk Supply. “When the holidays or special events roll around, they make one-off custom orders of their custom product to capture the moment in a memorable way.”

Free Inventory Checklist Guide

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Want to learn how to make your guests' stay more memorable and your hotel more profitable? Download our free inventory checklist with custom product lead times!

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Receive Cost Saving Monthly Specials

We know it’s important to be able to save where you can on your monthly inventory of important hotel supplies. Did you know we offer cost-saving specials every month?

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