As coronavirus continues to impact tourism and the hospitality industry, it is important to understand trends and forecasts that will shape your hotel’s recovery strategy. 

Hospitality Net stated, “Based on research from CBRE, from the start of the U.S. outbreak in January 2020, it is predicted that it will take approximately 6-10 months (June) for U.S. hotel demand to begin to recover, and 12-16 months for ADR and RevPAR to recover. Therefore, hoteliers need to take the necessary steps to adequately prepare for recovery, while also setting proper expectations and KPIs.” 

While we don’t know when COVID-19 will end completely, your boutique hotel should take the necessary steps to be prepared. 

At Front Desk Supply, we understand the impact this has left on hotels. We want to be a resource for hotels, and we are shifting gears in order to benefit the hospitality industry in the most effective way possible. 

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Here’s how your hotel can prepare for life after COVID-19: 

Keep Strong Communication 

Guest loyalty creates brand trust through good and bad times. If your communication with your audience has picked up during this pandemic, don’t let that relationship diminish once it’s over. Keep up the conversation with potential guests and loyalty members through online avenues. Let them know how your team is navigating through this transition and what they can expect when they stay at your hotel. Offer reassurance, connection, and assistance during this confusing time. 

Get Accustomed To Permanent Changes 

While coronavirus is temporary, there will be lasting changes within the way we look at our world, navigate through everyday life, and do regular business. Consumers now have a deeper understanding of the importance to support small businesses, such as independent and boutique hotels. Solidify new safety and health guidelines for your hotel that will make everyone feel comfortable and protected. This may involve training your staff on new communication styles when serving guests. 

Review Your Marketing Assets 

During this slower period, there are many things your independent hotel can do to come out of this situation stronger than ever. Begin by taking inventory of your current marketing assets. Analyze what you currently have and what else your hotel staff can provide your guests to create an even better experience. You may need to add new things such as hygiene signs, hand-washing cards, or new safety protocol signs. Each of these will help promote better safety and health for your guests and staff. 

Our team is currently working hard on getting the right supplies for your hotel at this time.

In need of these items? Let us know and we will contact you when they are available.

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Having a post-COVID-19 plan is crucial to get your boutique hotel back running smoothly. 

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