Hotel key card envelopes are an important part of the guest experience, giving your guests an item they can hold in their hand which offers information, organization, and safety. If you are a hotelier wanting a partner to help craft the perfect key card holder for your hotel, seek a trusted expert like Front Desk Supply to help walk you through the process.

“Whether you are intimately familiar with the process of creating new hotel supplies or are customizing your designs for the first time, I believe hotels deserve to have a partner that has their back,” says Mark Zisek, Director of Operations for Front Desk Supply, a leading San Diego hotel supplier. “With our wide network of quality suppliers, we guarantee to have the product you want.”

Read more to learn about how we help managers design the perfect hotel key card envelope.

Six Steps to Design Perfect Hotel Key Card Envelopes

Hoteliers can select the best options for their key card holders based on their guests’ needs, budgets, and style preferences. Customization choices encompass size and shape, color, design, material, and finishes.

Step #1: Choose Folders vs. Sleeves

Key card holders can be either in the form of a key card sleeve or a key card folder. Sleeves are simple holders with a single opening that can accommodate four or five key cards, depending on the size. Folders are multi-panel folding holders available in various shapes and sizes. Sleeves are ideal for minimalist, sleek, or straightforward designs, while folders can accommodate multiple panels of information.

Step #2: Choose Your Material

Key card sleeves can be made from simple paper or sturdier card stock. Guests may also choose environmentally friendly materials, such as seed paper or recycled paper. Hoteliers should choose a material and color that feels best for their guest experience.

Step #3: Choose Your Color Scheme

Print materials, like key card holders, can be produced in one color or multiple colors. Key card sleeves can be obtained in either single or full-color variations. Key card folders are available in options such as single-color economy, two-color, or multicolor.

Step #4: Choose Your Design and Information

Hotel key card holders serve as informative pamphlets that guests carry with them. Hoteliers can capitalize on this opportunity by incorporating useful information and special offers directly into the design, including maps, contact details, coupons, QR codes, and more.

Step #5: Choose Your Finish

Holders offer a range of finishing options, including matte, aqueous, and glossy, with the latter being the most popular. Additional customizations may involve metallic ink or linen for a touch of luxury.

Step #6: Choose Additional Customizations

RFID key protector sleeves safeguard hotel key cards, credit cards, and identification cards from electronic fraud or theft. The RFID-blocking material protects against unauthorized scanning.

Custom die cuts allow hoteliers to design their key cards with unique shapes or incorporate additional inserts. A custom thumb cutout can create an unconventional angle for the key cards or form an interesting shape that guests will remember. Additional inserts can offer guests supplementary information or special offers.

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