In the hospitality industry, multi-property executives and hotel managers must overcome a variety of challenges to keep their guests happy and their properties profitable. At Front Desk Supply, we understand the balancing act that goes into responsibilities like that. 

We get it because we have over 50 years of experience being hospitality multi-property supply partners. Here’s a closer look at how working with a partner like Front Desk Supply could significantly improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall success of your hotel properties:

The Challenges Of Multi-Property Management

With the addition of every property under your hospitality portfolio, you also introduce unique new challenges. Especially when it comes to hotel supplies, executives often don’t realize that their current supply chain could be improved dramatically if they could only find the right partner. 

Here’s how working with Front Desk Supply could help change that:

Limiting Costs

Keeping costs in check is one of the most difficult jobs for multi-property executives. It’s so easy to get complacent – but those line items add up. Pay a little too much for key cards over here, custom pens don’t come with bulk pricing there – the reasons are endless. However, they all point to the same problem; there has to be a more cost-effective way of purchasing essential desk supplies and other hotel accessories. That’s where we come in. Front Desk Supply not only has affordable pricing with no setup fees – our team even provides complimentary graphic design services. We help limit costs by consulting with our customers and finding out their needs, how the supplies are being used and then coming up with the most economical way to produce them.  Often a small tweak to the size, or colors can add up to big savings, but you need a partner willing to listen and help.

Getting Quality Supplies

Running multiple properties also means upholding a certain reputation. Guests will expect a consistent level of quality across each of your locations. But sourcing supplies from various vendors can lead to inconsistencies in product quality – which then hurts your brand image. You need a reliable hospitality multi-property supply partner who can deliver at a high level on a consistent basis. Front Desk Supply can make good on that promise.  We monitor every order and don’t let low quality out the door.

Why Consolidating To One Partner Makes Sense

The hospitality industry relies heavily on its suppliers. Late deliveries, inconsistent product availability, and communication gaps can really be a burden, especially when you’ve got more than one property to worry about. It’s hard enough trying to source supplies for one location – throwing another into the mix often means having to repeat the same vendor searches all over again. Consolidating down to a single hospitality multi-property supply partner can smooth communication, lead to more cost-effective purchasing, and provide better products for your hotels overall.

Connect With Our Team

Choosing the right hospitality multi-property supply partner should never be taken lightly. Front Desk Supply is here to support the needs of each of your locations – whether they be big or small. 

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