For independent and boutique hotel managers, work never sleeps – which means often you don’t either. The last thing you need to worry about during the busy holiday season is an issue with your hotel supplies. What you need is a proven “all-in-one” supplier who will always get you what you need when you need it. 

Front Desk Supply is ready to help. We can partner with you for the products you need at the standard of quality you expect. Armed with this hotel supply guide, you can have a hand in elevating your hotel guest experience.

Competitive Lead Times and Pricing

Hotel supply inventory may not always be top of mind, so when it comes time to place an order you’re likely looking for a vendor with lead times you can count on. Our independent and boutique hotel managers experience nearly half the delivery and wait times they would when working with our competitors. This paired with our competitive pricing will ease the angst you may feel when it comes time to place your next order.

Design Assistance 

You’re great at your job, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to be great at ours. Independent and boutique hotel managers can leave the design work to us. We offer free setup and professional design for all of your hotel property supplies at no additional cost. We follow a proven 8-Step process so you know what to expect from the moment you order until your hotel supplies arrive.

  1. Place an order with your Account Manager.
  2. Meet the Graphic Design team and submit your design ideas.
  3. Receive initial design proof from the design team.
  4. Approve proof or make final changes. (Any changes after Step 4 will delay the process.)
  5. Receive final production proof and approve it.
  6. The product is sent to production and shipped to you! 
  7. After your order arrives, your invoice will be available to make a payment.
  8. Set up an estimated date for your next order!

Special Occasion Elements

Does 2024 mark a special occasion your hotel is commemorating? Whether you’re celebrating 20 years of greatness, or the one-year anniversary of launch we want to help you mark the occasion with your own unique flair. 

We recently had the honor of designing enhanced supplies for a client’s special anniversary event. We worked around the calendar to incorporate this element into their existing branding.  This kept the hotel’s supplies looking consistent with added flair for the special day.

Your Partner in Hotel Hospitality

As an independent or boutique hotel manager, you’re juggling endless responsibilities and it is our goal to ensure that when it comes to supply coordination we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve decided which items are a priority for your property, our team at Front Desk Supply will help you find the option that will help get the word out about your property. 

When you speak with a trusted Front Desk Supply advisor, you get $50 off of a new order of $500. Just fill out the form to begin your customer order, or give us a call at (888)-859-2061.