As guests eagerly check-in for their stay, their room key becomes one of their most important assets. They carry it everywhere and use it multiple times a day. This key serves as both an entry to their room and an opportunity for hotels to share information through eye-catching designs. But a key card can only provide so much space for necessary hotel information. 

Key card sleeves and folders were created to help preserve room keys while also providing more space for hotels to give guests all the information they need to have a memorable experience. 

At Front Desk Supply, we have been helping independent and boutique hotels create noteworthy designs for key card folders and sleeves for years. From bright and colorful photos to clean and informative designs, we know how to capture each hotel’s personality. 

If you are looking to customize your hotel’s key card sleeves and folders, reach out to us, and our team will be happy to assist you.  

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Not sure what differentiates key card sleeves from key card folders? Here’s the breakdown:

Key Card Sleeves 

Hotel key card sleeves are exactly what they sound like, a sleeve that holds and protects hotel key cards. This room key accessory encases the card to help prevent damage or loss. 

Along with providing protection and simplicity, key card sleeves are an effective way to showcase your brand, offer educational information for guests, or advertise your hotel’s amenities. 

This accessory gives you two extra ways in which your boutique hotel can create a cohesive branding experience. The front side of the sleeve is an ideal space to welcome guests, as it is one of the first things they will touch, see, and use upon check-in. The back of the sleeve can display hotel safety tips or rules, check-out instructions, contact information, or advertisements. 

Our hotels love sleeves because of their size and efficiency. This stylish sleeve can fit in any pocket while still keeping room keys secure and in place. 

Key Card Folders

Key card folders mimic the look of a folder. They open up like a book and contain one or two pockets inside to place the room key. This style has double the amount of space a key card sleeve has, with four sides available to design. Key card folders protect the room key and provide plenty of space for marketing with a sophisticated, professional look. 

As a guest, there is never any worry about a room key falling out of their purse or wallet. This unique style holds the card securely in its place within the pocket. 

This style also gives you significantly more room to be creative and promote your boutique hotel. With an eye-catching design, you can form an excitement and brand recognition for guests as they open up their personal key card holder. 

Having the added accessory of a key card sleeve or folder elevates your guests’ experience. This efficient and classic detail will have guests interested in all of the information you have to offer. 

January Special: 

How does your boutique hotel create an experience that stands out to guests? Hotel room keys sleeves and folders are designed to bring guests convenience and style. 

For the month of January, we are offering $50 off first-time key folder and key sleeve orders! Our team of experienced Graphic Designers can bring your creative vision to life through key folders and sleeves quickly and within budget.  

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