We love key folders because they can be customized in so many different ways. It’s easy to create a stunning design while staying within your budget. The process starts with choosing your key folder colors.

Let’s cover a few basic design considerations.

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How Key Folders Are Printed

Traditional key folders have 3 parts:

  • Outside Fold
  • Inside Fold
  • Inside Pocket

key folder front

key folder back

The inside pocket is actually part of the outside fold!

So, if you’re printing the outside fold in a specific color, you can also have the inside pocket printed in the same color. Look how it’s done in the key folder below.  We have many different standard templates including left pockets and 2 pockets!

2 color key folder

Key Folder Printing Options

Here are the different options you have to add color to your key folders:

  • 1 Color Outside and Inside (least expensive)
  • 1 Color Outside / 2 Colors Inside / 2+ Colors Outside / 1 Color Inside
  • 2 Colors Outside / 2 Color Inside [This is the most popular option.]
  • 2+ Colors Outside / 1 Color Inside
  • Full color outside / Full color inside (most expensive, but allows for vivid photos)

If you want to add more than 2 colors on the outside and inside folds, then we highly recommend ordering a luxury key folder or a multi-panel key folder.

multi panel key folder

A key folder with 2 colors on the outside fold.

More Colors, Higher Costs

The more colors you add to your key folder, the higher the cost per unit.

Most hotels choose the 2 Colors Outside / 1 Colors Inside key folder because it will give you an eye-popping design while minimizing your ink costs.

key folder fivepine

A key folder with 2 colors on the outside fold.

If you’re trying to save money, you might consider keeping your inside fold black and white.

Most hotels only print information on the inside of the key folder, so you might feel like there’s little need to add colors there. If you’re going to add color anywhere, it’s usually best to add color to the outside fold.

Make Sure the Key Folder Colors Complement the Room Keys

The key folder should make your room keys pop. You don’t want the inside fold or inside pocket to be printed in colors that are similar to your room keys, or else the room keys will become camouflaged against the folder.

Need Help Designing Your Key Folders?

You don’t need an in-house design team to create beautiful key folders. At Front Desk Supply, we can help you customize your key folder design with our free graphic design service to help you create beautiful key folders that suit your budget. If you need to order key folder ASAP, you can order temporary ones from our own Hotel Supply HQ while your main shipment is being designed and printed.