Some hotels are designed to be family-oriented, while others receive an unusually large number of families but don’t quite have a property design that is accommodating for kids.

Thankfully, there are 3 ways to make more kid-friendly hotels using just a few custom hotel supplies—no daycare center or kids program required!

1. Secure Your Property

If your hotel receives a large number of kids and families, the most important thing you can do is secure your property via access cards. This kind of security is important for every hotel, but it’s especially important for hotels that receive many children.

If you haven’t done so already, you should consider securing every entry and exit point with key card access: parking garages, the lobby, side gates, the pool area, and any other places where trespassers can enter the property.

Some hotels may have difficulty with magnetic key cards (lower-quality magnetic room keys can be easily demagnetized, causing headaches for guests and staff), so they might not want to expand the number of key card access points. If you’re dealing with this situation, you might consider upgrading to higher-quality magnetic key cards—which don’t get demagnetized as easily—or switching to RFID key cards.

2. Create Special Access

The hardest thing about maintaining a kid-friendly hotel is trying to create fun spaces that are age-appropriate while also allowing adults to have their fun. It might be easier for you to create adult-only spaces around your property and control access to that space.

For example, if you have multiple pools or hot tubs, you might designate one as adults-only. Or, you can create adults-only lounges around your property. All you have to do is use the proper signage to communicate that these areas are not for children, or you can assign access via key cards or wristbands.

With RFID key cards, you can create “parent room keys” that grant adults access to certain facilities and “child room keys” that only give limited access. RFID room keys can be programmed with a variety of access rules.

3. Use Wristbands for Kids

Kids love to run back and forth between their rooms, the pool area, cafe / restaurant, and other areas of the property, and they have a tend to lose their room keys while they’re excitedly bounding around your hotel.

This is a security risk, but it also creates more work for your guests and staff because they have to keep coming to the front desk to get a replacement room key.

Consider giving children RFID wristbands instead of key cards. Hotel wristbands are comfortable and stylish, and they won’t get lost as easily because they’re secured to the children’s hands.

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