For independent and boutique hotels, a quality guest stay is determined by more than wonderful customer service from friendly staff. It’s also provided through hotel surroundings that embody your branding aesthetic. Read more below on why hotel branding is important and how custom branded Parking, Valet and Baggage tags from Front Desk Supply can impress your guests.

Express Your Hotel’s Personality

Every hotel is unique, and this can be represented through the colors, language, and design of your marketing materials and specialized products. Guests will associate strong, memorable branding with the wonderful time they spent at your hotel. For years, Front Desk Supply has been helping hotels create noteworthy branding Parking, Valet and Luggage tag designs. From bright and colorful to clean and informative, we know exactly how to capture your hotel’s personality through branded products.

It’s the Little Things That Guests Remember

When it comes to the hotel experience, it’s often the seemingly insignificant items that can have the biggest impact. For example, people often keep luggage tags on their suitcases as souvenirs for months or even years after they check out (or forget them in their pocket or wallet!). Branding Parking, Valet and Baggage tags is a wise way to keep your hotel top-of-mind for those guests every time they travel. Whenever they take out their bag to pack or unpack, they will see your name and remember the great stay they had.

Make a Great Impression with Front Desk Supply

Helping guests keep track of their items with special tags helps everyone in the long run. Elevate your property with branded tags for your luggage, valet, rentals, bathrobes, parking, and more from Front Desk Supply. Use our complimentary graphic design services to create custom tags that match your hotel’s look and feel, and enrich your guest experience. 

Make your property stand out! Reach out to the experts on branded hotel products at Front Desk Supply, and our team will be happy to assist you. We also carry a variety of generic and other options if custom is out of your budget.

Right now, if you customize 3,000 tags or more, you’ll receive $75 off your order. Contact us today!