As we head into the summer season, the busiest travel time of the year, hotel and front desk managers should stock their inventory of front desk supplies for guests checking in. It’s important to make sure that your hotel has enough supplies to meet hotel occupancy demand, as guest numbers are expected to swell. It’s critical to make certain your hotel has the supplies guests most enjoy, and will make your guests’ stay more memorable.


Depending on your budget, looking into economy hotel supplies might be a good idea. To help front desk managers fulfill their supply demands and please their guests, Front Desk Supply is offering a $75 discount during the month of May. Find more information below!

Economy Front Desk Supplies

As a front desk manager, you may choose to order economy supplies if you are in a pinch and don’t have time to customize hotel products. For example, a boutique hotel may not find it essential to brand products now, but may decide to opt-in for custom products at a later time. It’s economical for hotel managers to choose generic front desk supplies to fill the gap until custom products can be purchased. Pricing may be a consideration for hoteliers that are seeking to replenish their stock; if that’s the case, economy or generic hotel supplies might be the answer for now. 

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Monthly Special: $75 off Front Desk Supplies*

If you need a consistent and reliable resource to keep your hotel inventory and front desk supplies stocked, the Front Desk Supply team is ready to help and available if you have any questions.

*Offer only valid for the month of May 2022, we are offering $75 off qualifying orders totaling $750 or more. 

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Order Hotel Products from Front Desk Supply

Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel supplier for the hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of hotel supply products, such as custom pens, hotel key cards, key card sleeves, and more. From boutique hotels to nationwide hotel chains, we have a selection of generic hotel supplies and offer custom hotel supply orders. 


If you have a question or need a quote for a custom order, you can get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling (888)-859-2061.