To be a leader in the hospitality supply industry, we need a team of the best and brightest behind the scenes. At Front Desk Supply, we are meticulous in our search for top talent – people with a passion for hospitality and a customer-first mentality. We want to highlight some of the amazing members of our team to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of Front Desk Supply.

This month, we are highlighting team member Audrey Fong, our Social Media Manager. We spoke with Audrey about her background, her passions, and why she’s proud to be a member of the Front Desk Supply Team.

Audrey, tell us a bit about your background.

Audrey: As a Southern California native, I can’t get enough of the sunshine, beaches, and parks here, which is why I’ve chosen to stay and pursue my education here. In 2019, I graduated from UC Irvine with a B.A. in English and stayed after graduation to work on the UCI School of Humanities’ communications team. In the fall, I will be heading back to school to pursue an M.F.A. in fiction at Chapman University. I truly feel my experience as an English major and writer have helped me become the marketer I am today because engaging content and copy is critical to catching people’s attention and getting them to notice your product.

Why Front Desk Supply?

Audrey: Fun fact – my uncle has been best friends with one of the members of the Senior Management team – Mark Zisek – for decades, which is how I was introduced to Front Desk Supply. While I was still in college, I was looking for opportunities to expand my portfolio of social media marketing work and Mark offered to help me out. Since then, I’ve been managing Front Desk Supply’s social media and taking photos of their products – many of which are used on social media and in their blogs. What I love about Front Desk Supply is that everyone on the team has been so welcoming to me. I also run the social media for a hotel who’s a part of the Front Desk Supply Family, and seeing the time and care that Front Desk Supply puts in to ensure this hotel is happy with their supplies shows how much Front Desk Supply cares.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Audrey: My favorite part of working with Front Desk Supply is seeing the supplies in action! This means searching through hotel’s social media feeds and seeing if guests included any of our products in their photos. When I see a guest using these products, it reinforces how important these products are. I’ve seen guests leave behind thank you notes to hotel staff on our stationery and I love that our products are being used in such a personal way.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself!

Audrey: Since Front Desk Supply is a travel company, it only makes sense to share my favorite travel destinations! I love Japan and have visited three times now, totaling about a month and a half there. I was supposed to visit again for the Tokyo Olympics. One reason why I love going is that my best friend moved there for work and I always want to hang out with her.

The other reasons I love Tokyo are the food, beautiful parks, and cool fashion. I also enjoy visiting Europe, since many of my college friends live and work there. My favorite thing about Europe is how easy and affordable it is to travel from country to country, using their trains; I can easily visit friends across countries all in one trip. I recently visited Luxembourg and it was one of the most serene places I’ve been to.

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