To be a leader in the hospitality supply industry, we need a team of the best and brightest behind the scenes. At Front Desk Supply, we are meticulous in our search for top talent – people with a passion for hospitality and a customer-first mentality. We want to highlight some of the amazing members of our team to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of Front Desk Supply.

This month, we are highlighting  Jasmin Friedman-Enriquez, our Senior Director of Sales Operations!

Where Are Her Roots?

Jasmin is a Southern California native and alumni of Penn State University. Since childhood, she has loved taking care of others and making them feel at home. The hospitality industry’s ability to do this on a large scale with people from all walks of life drew Jasmin’s attention, and she quickly became engrossed in the industry.

She enjoys working closely with properties to intertwine their brand into the various products their guests come in contact with. “I've seen how hard properties work to craft their own story, and I want to make sure that story shines through. Some people shrug off their ‘do not disturb’ signs, key cards, or pens and notepads, but as a guest who sought them out even before working at Front Desk Supply, I know the excitement that can be created for guests in something rather small.” As a guest, fun elements like a sassy “do not disturb” sign, a slightly upgraded pen, or a key card with a special matte finish made her feel fancy and cared for. Helping hotels get that extra attention from their guests has been a major goal of hers since starting in the industry.

Why Front Desk Supply?

At Front Desk Supply, Jasmin manages the Sales department, wearing many hats and overseeing many essential elements of Front Desk Supply’s inner workings. Her favorite part of the role is interacting with the front desk managers of hotels and learning about the awesome happenings at their properties.

Jasmin loves Front Desk Supply because of the flexibility and growth opportunities she sees for the company. Front Desk Supply gives her “the space to try new things, knowing not all of them will work 100% of the time.” Having the space to learn from failures and successes makes the journey to grow the business more meaningful and fulfilling instead of stressful and dreadful, and Jasmin is excited to help Front Desk Supply continue to grow.

What Makes Us Excited?

Jasmin has been an integral part of the Front Desk Supply team since she started with us. Her ability to manage so many moving parts with ease and keep us moving forward towards growth has made her an essential part of our team.

Mark Zisek, Director of Commercial Operations, cites Jasmin as “a great brand ambassador who embodies our company’s core values, as well as our motto: Making your hotel more profitable and your guests’ stay more memorable.  Customers love her as she ensures their needs are being met, and she reciprocates that every day!”

We love having Jasmin on board and cannot wait to work together towards Front Desk Supply’s bright future!

Quick Facts:

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers, coffee, and donuts

Dream Travel Destination: Anywhere with delicious street food

Mask of Choice: White Hanes mask, tie-dyed at home with her daughter and sister

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