Military Hotel Supplies to Welcome Families

If you manage a hotel on a US military base, then you might have had families of service members stay at your property for a brief visit or for a permanent change of station.

These families might be feeling stressed for one of the following reasons:

  • They’re worried about their family member who’s serving
  • They only have a short time to visit and they feel anxious to make the most of the time they have
  • The family is anxious about relocating to a new place

As the manager of an on-base lodging, you have an opportunity to make service members and their families feel at ease, which is easy to do when you have a few select hotel supplies in your front desk arsenal.

Here’s how you can use custom hotel supplies to welcome military families.

Offer a Warm Welcome

The classiest way to welcome military families—and any hotel guest—is for you or your staff to write them a short greeting using custom stationery.

You can write a greeting on a customer letterhead and offer it to families when they check in, or you can write them on an in-room notepad that your guests will find when they enter their rooms.

Here are a few simple greeting ideas:

  • We’re so glad to have you at [ Name of Military Base ]. Have a wonderful stay!
  • We’re happy that you’re joining our family at [ Name of Military Base ]. We hope you make fond memories here.
  • When you enlist in the military, your family enlists with you. Thank you for supporting your service member!

With Front Desk Supply, you can customize all stationery with the logo of your hotel, DOD lodging branch, or military branch.

Get Them Excited to Explore

As you know, families usually stay on base for one of two reasons:

  • They’ve traveled a long distance to visit their service member who’s stationed on base
  • They’ve relocated to the base for a permanent change of station and are waiting to move to permanent housing

A great way to welcome military families to the base—or their new home—is to get them excited about exploring the local area.

Here are a few ways you can do that by using custom military hotel supplies:

  • Key Cards & Key Card Sleeves: Customize your key cards and key holders with images of the base, nearby cities, or popular local attractions.
  • QR Codes: Add QR codes to your key cards or key holders, giving your guests access to area maps, base maps, local recommendations, or any other helpful resources you can think of.
  • Postcards: Sell postcards that families can mail to their friends or take home as keepsakes.

Make an Impact on Your Service Members

Visiting a military base can be a stressful experience for families of military personnel, but you can quickly make them feel more comfortable by using customized hotel supplies.

Contact Front Desk Supply if you need hotel supplies for your DOD lodging.

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