Front Desk Supply is excited to announce that we have a new website! Our decision to update our website stems from our mission to make your guests’ stay more memorable, and your hotel more profitable. That includes enhanced user experience and streamlined searches. We want you to have a better understanding of the wide range of custom and hotel supplies we offer for each department at your hotel.

You may have noticed the changes already. And we would like to take a moment to reveal the improvements we’ve made and what makes ordering hotel supplies simple for customers!

Easy-to-Read Homepage

Our new homepage page is the perfect jumping-off point for current and new customers to search our offerings. You can easily request a quote, find our most popular items, discover testimonials, get ideas from what other hotels have done, and shop categories. One-click from our homepage takes you where you need to go. 

Improved Service Features

In order to improve our customer’s experience, we’ve added two new features to our new website.

Chat Feature

Do you have a question? you can ask it right away with our new chat feature. Each time you activate a chat, you are connected directly to a team member – not a robot. As you search for products, you’ll have access to the team and receive on-the-spot information. 

Accessibility Feature

We want to make navigating our website easy for EVERYONE. That is why we’ve added an accessibility menu to improve experience. Easily increase the font size, activate the screen reader, change contrast, turn on the dyslexia-friendly feature, and more.

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Streamlined Navigation Menu

Speaking of easy, our new navigation menu is where you can find all you need for your hospitality business with just one click. We’ve laid out our top features in the navigation bar for a more streamlined way to find our About Us page, search product categories, or simply Contact Us. We understand that you want the best for your hotel guests, and we wanted to make it that much easier to make your property shine.

Quick Shopping Experience

Next, is the updated navigation menu. Our new website now has a new green Shop button in the top right corner. One click will take you to our selection of hotel supplies. Your time is valuable and better spent helping your guests and working alongside your staff, and that’s why we have expanded our range of offerings. Front Desk Supply is your one-stop-shop for hotel products across every department of your hotel. View our shop options below:

With a quick shopping experience on our new website, you can save time and focus on what matters most – your hotel guests.

Unsure about how to help your hotel continue functioning successfully during these changing times? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to keep your doors open safely and successfully.

Many of the items on our hotel checklist are available for purchase below.
Browse Products on Our New Website.