Have you ever been on the phone with someone and realized you need to jot down a quick note to yourself? These notes are as simple as a reminder to finish a guest task like sending more towels up to room 201 or the address of your meeting location. Not only have you done it; your hotel guests have done it too! Take it from our team at Front Desk Supply: hotel room notepads are the perfect size for your guests to throw in their purse or to tuck into their folder for their meeting. 

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Guest Notepad Experience

It’s your hotel paper supply that your guests use in a pinch. They may not just carry the single note; they bring the whole pad with them. 

Hotel notepads help with your branding; it’s an unsung hero in those moments of crisis – whether your hotel guests are a business traveler on an important client call or a vacationing family who wants an address or directions to the nearby pizza place.  

Hotel notepads serve as more than a reminder of your hotel; they are also a memento of the past. 

Various notepads


Notepad History

We found this interesting article on the origin of notepads. 

According to author Mark Young from LODGING – the Official Publication of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), “there are records of hoteliers’ reliance on notepads going back almost 100 years,” which makes purchasing notepads not just a routine, but a tradition. 

Young also notes that “the notepads of a hotel manager are akin to a diary of his enterprise’s daily operation. The jottings reflect the author’s knowledge of his property and employees.” 

Our biggest takeaway and this is echoed by our clients, is that hotel notepads are important to your guests. No matter where they travel or what their occupation is, the notepad is always around at the right place and at the right time.  

While we know you pride yourself on the total guest experience, sometimes it’s the little things in hospitality that wins your visitors over.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as the hotel pen or notepad that can turn a 4-star stay into a 5-star one!

Are you ready to make an impression with your guests? Our team is ready to help you make your mark.

Front Desk Supply’s customization team can work with your team to find the right stationery for your hotel.  We can show you all of our different types of notepads and decide how to create one that distinguishes your hotel from the rest. 

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