Are you a Hotel Manager seeking to implement sustainability uniformly across your property? Many boutique hotels are considering the environment in every step of the user experience. Reusing towels and not replacing sheets daily is saving tens of millions of gallons of water a year. Front Desk Supply helps eco-friendly hotels implement change for the better when it comes to supplies both in the room and in common areas.  With our Eco Line, it’s easier than ever to get the hotel supplies you need, at a lower environmental impact.

Advantages of Buying Eco-friendly Hotel Supplies

Hotels that make the switch to eco-friendly hotel supplies enjoy a variety of benefits, from cost savings to positive environmental impact. You’ll still be able to provide guests with a top-tier experience without having to worry about lower margins or quality standards. Our team at Front Desk Supply believes that the key to a more sustainable future means being able to compete with non-renewable alternatives at every level.

Our Favorite Eco-friendly Hotel Supplies

We have dozens of eco-friendly hotel supply options that can cater to the needs of most hotels. With that said, naturally, a few of our products stand out from the rest. Here’s a closer look at our favorite offerings:

eco-friendly Do-Not-Disturb Signs

One of our top-selling eco-friendly hotel supplies is our do-not-disturb signage. Front Desk Supply’s Eco Line has a variety of design options and can help hotels choose the perfect material and cutouts for their unique needs. Crafted with materials like Teslin®, Hard Wood, and Wood Veneer, these upgraded hotel signs signal luxury and a genuine care for the environment.

Eco-friendly Magnetic Hotel Key Cards

Magnetic hotel key cards have been an industry staple for decades, and Front Desk Supply now offers eco-friendly options that will help your property get greener in no time. Our cards are made of recycled PVC or Teslin® with recycled polyester laminate. These magnetic key cards not only function to provide the same secure and convenient solution for guests but also contribute to reducing plastic waste.

Eco-friendly RFID Hotel Key Cards

For hotel managers looking for higher-end options to eco-friendly magnetic key cards, there are also green RFID key card options available. Our cards are made from renewable resources, and can still provide the same touchless entry experience that your guests have already come to expect. Our manufacturers use recycled PVC, compressed paper/pulp, or wood and cater to the specifics of each unique order.

Save $75 To Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing the right hospitality supply partner can make a huge difference for your bottom line. If you are interested in eco-friendly hotel supplies, Front Desk Supply is here to help.

For a limited time only, we’ll give you back $75 of your cost so that you can offset your carbon footprint.