Even after a year, the pandemic continues to change and evolve, and so must hospitality businesses. Hotels experienced a major slowdown but are starting to make a comeback in 2021. Public safety is still a top priority despite vaccination efforts and masking up. Front Desk Supply recognizes that hotels are starting to see business increase; however, PPE is on a downward trend.

COVID-19 is not over. As new developments emerge, it’s a hotel’s job to stay open and stay prepared for changes. PPE is just one way that hotels can do both and do so successfully. 

Safety is Important to Guests

It’s your responsibility as a hotelier to provide guests with a great experience. Having strict sanitation and safety protocols ensures hotel guests that you can give them what they need and are putting their health first. Keeping up with new requirements is a great way to stay on top of guest safety. For example, the CDC amended their announcement allowing fully vaccinated people to go maskless; they now recommend that all vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings within high transmission areas

Most hotels have public indoor areas where guests can visit freely. Although some of these businesses may be owned privately, being prepared with PPE can provide peace of mind to guests during this time.

Provide PPE for Employees

Guest safety is important, and so is employee safety. When it comes to safety, treat your employees the same way you would treat your guests. A confident employee will feel more at ease in the workplace. This also shows hotel guests a positive message about how serious your hotel takes safety. According to the Tourism Crisis Management Initiative at the University of Florida, 88% of U.S. travelers expect that hotels must provide PPE for their employees.

What Kind of PPE Should Hotels Have?

Hotels can stock up on varieties of PPE for their business. Depending on what works for your hospitality business, you may consider ordering staples for your inventory or invest in long-term items. Review our list and discover if you need one more of these items in your hotel:

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