When you hand your guests an RFID hotel key card (or magnetic key card!) at the front desk, you’ll want it to represent your hotel nicely. Occasionally, your guests will take their RFID key card home with them as a souvenir, so you’ll want to make sure you provide customized key cards with your information for guests to remember where they stayed.

Discover Front Desk Supply’s suggestions for good, better, and best RFID hotel key cards for hotels.

Hotel Logo RFID Key Cards

If you need a standard RFID hotel key card to get the job done, hotel logo key cards are reasonably priced and customizable. These cards are the most popular RFID key design and are a good option for hotels who want an attractive logo key on a budget. For example, Oceanpoint Ranch (shown above) designed its key to be simple, clean, and luxurious. This option allows hotels to create a customized product, which has benefits beyond generic products. Learn more about generic versus custom supplies below.

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Hotel Photo RFID Key Cards

The second most popular key design is a photo RFID card. This design displays a photo of the property and the hotel’s logo, giving guests a taste of what they can expect at a hotel. Adding a photo opens up a variety of design choices such as dining areas, close-ups of the property, amenities. and more. This option is a better choice for RFID hotel key cards, but we recommend using a high resolution photo for quality results. 

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VIP or Membership RFID Key Cards

Stand out from other hotels by investing in a high-quality choice that can help your staff easily identify VIP guests. With a VIP or Membership RFID key card, you can also use these cards to offer special discounts, exclusive access, rewards, or shopping benefits. This luxurious option for key cards may be more expensive, but it gives regular guests a feeling of exclusivity. In the event that a guest takes home their key card, they can be reminded of their stay.

Regardless of your budget, Front Desk Supply will help find the RFID key card that best matches your brand. 

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