SAFLOK hotel room keys compatible with many key systems.Hotels with SAFLOK™ hotel electronic lock systems on their room doors can rely on hotel amenity suppliers like Front Desk Supply for replacement SAFLOK™ hotel room keys. Whether your hotel uses a magnetic lock or RFID lock system, managers and hoteliers can get custom, quality key cards that meet system requirements.

The Best SAFLOK™ Hotel Room Keys Supplier for Hotels and Boutiques

Magnetic hotel key cards require the card to make contact with the card reader, either by inserting or by swiping. RFID hotel key cards open electronic locks by bringing the key card close to the card reader. Hoteliers and managers may find the correct key card for their SAFLOK™ hotel lock system as long as they order the correct type of key card replacements.

SAFLOK™ models compatible with Front Desk Supply magnetic key cards:

  • SAFLOK™ MT Mag
  • SAFLOK™ Classic V
  • SAFLOK™ SL2500
  • SAFLOK™ Classic SL2500
  • ILCO 770 Lock Series
  • ILCO Generation E-760
  • ILCO Solitaire 710-II
  • SAFLOK™ Adese
  • And More

SAFLOK™ models compatible with Front Desk Supply RFID key cards

  • SAFLOK™ Quantum RFID
  • RT Plus
  • Sapphire LX
  • 790
  • And more

For a complete list of compatible SAFLOK™ electronic hotel locks, call your hotel amenity partner, Front Desk Supply. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can talk to you about your options, ensuring that you get the best hotel key cards for your needs.

Front Desk Supply works with your hotel or boutique team as a trusted partner, delivering high-quality hotel supplies to you and ensuring that you remain well-prepared for your guests in any circumstance. Our cards are durable, high-quality, and vibrant. Magnetic and RFID hotel key cards can be paired with functional and beautiful envelopes and folders, to elevate your guests’ experience even further. Contact us to learn more about the best options for your small to medium hotel or boutique.

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