Hospitality businesses need supplies to continue operations and provide small amenities for guests. When it comes to ordering hotel supplies, you may ask yourself whether it’s more advantageous to choose custom or generic. At Front Desk Supply, we encourage hotels and front desk managers to order custom hotel supplies. The benefits of branded or custom products can provide a better return on investment than generic.

However, depending on your situation you may choose to go generic instead. Below are a few questions to help you consider which is best for your needs.

Can Your Hotel Supplies Serve A Dual Purpose?

This is a great question to determine your needs for hotel supplies. Front desk managers order custom hotel supplies to brand products like pens or key cards to market the hotel. Marketing is a good reason to place a custom order. You may also use custom supplies to share information on products, like the hotel name, address, or phone number with guests. 

You may choose to order generic supplies if sharing information is not necessary for your business. For example, a motel may not find it necessary to brand products now, but may opt-in for custom products at a later time.  Generics fill the gap until custom products can be produced.

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Do You Have A Budget?

Pricing may be a consideration for hoteliers that are seeking to replenish their stock. If you can fit custom hotel supplies into your budget, we recommend it to help your business stand out from competitors. With a wide range of supplies to choose from, you can pick and even design your hotel’s products with Front Desk Supply. As long as your budget allows for customization, you should choose custom products.

If you are limited by a strict budget, generic hotel supplies are more affordable than custom supplies. Generic products may be less expensive, but you certainly don’t have to skip out on quality for a lower price.

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Do You Need Hotel Supplies Fast?

This question may be the most significant one. Custom hotel supplies take longer to produce than generic supplies due to the additional work that goes into their production, such as design, reviewing samples, and the lead time required to produce the item.. If your need for hotel supplies is low and you can wait to receive a custom order, continue placing custom supply orders. . If you are on your last box or two of keys, you might consider ordering generic hotel supplies if you need a quick turnaround and delivery. We have an inventory of generic supplies and can usually get them out the same day if ordered before 11 am PST or the next business day! From there, you can choose to have them shipped by ground or have them overnighted if you are running dangerously low.

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