Throughout the pandemic, there has been uncertainty at every corner. Making decisions about your business and pivoting to meet demands was a difficult journey over the last year. The pandemic isn’t over, but hoteliers and front desk managers kept the hospitality industry going and have been successful in keeping their businesses open. The holiday season is coming soon, and hotels will need to continue pivoting to stay open.

Discover reasons why you should stock up on hotel supplies ahead of the holiday season.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The pandemic produced a domino effect on the supply chain industry. Raw materials, products, and shipments have been delayed, and continue to be, which has impacted companies everywhere. No matter the industry, late shipments have put a strain on businesses which are causing hotel owners and managers to think ahead and plan accordingly. Assessing your needs before requiring action is a great place to start, especially when you can cushion uncertainty with additional stock so you can have peace of mind during the busy season.

High Volume Orders Take Longer

A common response to the supply chain delays is to place orders in large quantities. This is a wise way to ensure that you don’t run out of hotel supplies sooner than expected. Preparation is key. The TSA announced that they are extending their mask policy, which may be an indication that more travelers will be taking trips this year hence more hotel supplies may be needed. Since supply chain delays are still rampant due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s best for hotels and front desk managers to be proactive.

However, what you should know before making a high-volume order is that your lead time will be longer. Producing a higher amount of items than your normal quantity will simply take longer to fulfill. If you have questions about estimated lead times, read the article below. 

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Stock Up and Get a Discount

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