Establishing trust is a key element in attracting and maintaining loyal guests. Part of creating an experience where guests feel valued and wanted involves adding personal touches to their stay. These special details go beyond spectacular customer service from your team. With stationery items, independent and boutique hotels are able to offer something their guests can take home with them. 

This subtle effort makes their time spent at your boutique hotel much more memorable. 

At Front Desk Supply, our team is committed to serving the hotel industry through materials that will enhance your guests’ experience. 

Reach out to us to design custom supplies like pens and notepads that are unique to your hotel. Our team  of graphic artists will be happy to assist you.

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These stationery items are often overlooked as being important, but they are one of the most popular items guests take home. 

Learn how your hotel’s stationery items can leave a noteworthy impression on your guests:

Color Coordinating 

When guests remember their hotel stay, they often associate their experience with emotions and imagery. Colors are a huge aspect of a hotel’s branding. From the decor in each room down to the pen caps, color creates a lasting memory. We love how our client incorporated their color scheme within their stationery products. Even though each item serves a different purpose, the color creates a smooth transition within the overall impression. 

Noticeable Details

Guests appreciate the extra effort that hotels make to create a wonderful stay. While many hotels utilize stationery items as their detailed “touch” for guests, some hotels take it a step further. With this project, we worked with a hotel who wanted to place “details within the details”. We love how they strived for something they knew guests would want to take home. The gold accents, feel-good colors, and matching pen create a charming set. 

A Delicate Touch

If your boutique hotel prides itself on the unique style and feel you bring to guests, take that feeling to paper. With this design, we helped two of our clients create a branded notepad that lightly displayed their logo. Both of these hotels are portraying a graceful and sophisticated brand look. This delicate portrait gives the guests something pretty to write on, encouraging them to use the notepads more. 

At some point in every guest’s stay, they end up with a pen and notepad in their hand. Custom stationery products are one of the best opportunities to showcase your hotel’s professionalism and style while staying top-of-mind for guests. 

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